How to Grow Goat Food in the Sahara, Barley in Refugee Camps & Veggies in Desert Slums

Refugees are rigging up simple hydroponic production units using only local materials to grow fresh grass for their goats. It's just one way WFP's helps people in conflict zones.

Empowering Women and Girls is Crucial to Ensure Sustainable Food Security in the Aftermath of COVID-19, say UN Food Agency Heads on International Women’s Day

Women and girls make up half of our global community - It’s time they were included in leadership positions at every level and integrated in all spheres and stages of pandemic response and recovery.

Two Years Since Cyclone Idai Struck, Many Mozambicans Still Struggle to Recover

In the weeks after the strongest storm to ever hit the country, WFP’s emergency assistance kick-started the recovery of 1.8 million people. But many others, who are still struggling today, face a bleak and uncertain future.

How Happy and Her Baby Got Healthy: a Little Food, a Garden and a $22 Loan

The closest job Happy's husband could find was 600 miles away, leaving her to care for their two children while pregnant with their third. A local clinic and a micro loan changed their lives.

Battered by Climate Shocks and Bruised by Economic Crisis Millions More in Central America Face Hunger

Communities in Central America have hit rock bottom: Many now have nowhere to live and are staying in temporary shelters, surviving on next to nothing.

Teach a Woman to Grow Sweet Potatoes, Feed Her Children for a Lifetime

Dorica Samson's 2-year-old son refused to feed on anything other than breast milk, and he eventually fell sick. Things look a lot different for them these days.

Funds for Emergency Food Assistance Run Dry as Millions Face Hunger Season in Zimbabwe

The ‘lean’ season risks pushing some 6.9 million people - nearly half of the country's population - into hunger by its March peak.

Urgent Need to Strengthen Food Systems as Multiple Crises Drive Up Numbers of Hungry People in Sudan

The number of acutely hungry people in the world may increase by more than 100 million this year, and some countries could be headed for famine.

Food Waste vs. Food Loss: Know the Difference and Help #StopTheWaste Today

Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. There’s enough to feed all of us. Unfortunately, one third of all the food produced for humans never actually gets eaten.

8 Facts to Know About Food Waste and Hunger

Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. Right now, the world produces enough food to nourish every man, woman and child on the planet.

Stop Wasting Food. Start Feeding Children.

In Malawi, a group of farmers has learned how to fight food waste and turn a profit. The money now pays for things like food, school fees, soap and livestock.

WFP Urgently Seeks International Support to Prevent Millions of Zimbabweans Plunging Deeper Into Hunger

Zimbabwean families are eating less, selling their belongings and going into debt to buy food. Without our help, millions will face increasingly ravaging hunger.

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