Hacking Hunger – Episode 36: Hunger and Rain: The Story of The Dry Corridor

In this podcast, we speak with Elio Rujano,who has witnessed firsthand the impact climate change is having on families in the Dry Corridor who are already struggling to survive.

Forecasting Food: Reducing the Impact of Climate Change on Farmers

Bruce Campbell discusses his research on agricultural, food security and climate change, and how he seeks to minimize climate change's affects.

“Everything Has Changed”: The Congo Is Heating Up

In Congo, climate change that's driving extreme weather and unpredictable rainfall mean life will never be the same.

Life Without Water: Poverty & Hunger in Honduras

Maria's family invested all their money in corn crops, then watched them wither away from drought. Now they're struggling to put food on the table and praying for rain.

Hacking Hunger – Episode 35: Cold and Polluted

Mongolia is one of the coldest and most polluted places in the world, and as a result, it's extremely vulnerable to hunger caused by climate change. Learn how WFP is pioneering solutions in the country to help end hunger.

Voices of the Dry Corridor: Stories of Climate Change & Hunger

In the Dry Corridor of Central America, dry spells have ruined crops and shrunken lakes, pushing families to extremes to feed themselves. These six stories show just how daunting the challenge is.

Extreme Water Harvesting: A Glimpse Into the Future of Dryland Farming

In Kenya, 65-year-old Matei Nziru has an obsession-like devotion to water, storing some gallons that are more than four years old. His tactics hold lessons for other farmers in dry climates.

14 Facts Linking Climate, Disasters & Hunger

Disasters disproportionately affect the world's poorest people and communities, significantly increasing hunger, malnutrition and their exposure to risk. Here are 14 key facts on the link between disasters and hunger.

Climate Change & Hunger: Stories From 6 African Countries

Extreme weather events are rapidly increasing hunger and malnourishment. From hurricanes and flooding to droughts and desertification, these six stories portray the very real, very human impacts of a warming world.

Vulnerable People Will Suffer Most: The True Impact of Climate Change

Reknowned climate change expert Alexander Verbeek answers questions on the impact of climate change and who it will hurt the most.

Infographic: How Extreme Weather Causes Extreme Hunger

Climate change is the second leading cause of global hunger. Click, swipe and scroll your way through our interactive infographic to see the whole story.

Why Do Floods Follow Droughts? Look to Ethiopia.

Imagine waking up to a wave of water running across your floor and hearing your six children cry out in fear. This is what happened to Agan in Ethiopia when floods washed away everything she had.

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