Why Global Food Security Is the Equity Challenge of Our Lifetime

Our food systems are important tools for achieving social justice by providing equal opportunity, health and well-being to all people, especially those furthest behind. At its core, food security is a question of human dignity and about our sustainability as a planet.

Dust in the Wind: Drawing a Line in the Sand for Extreme Weather by Fixing the Dunes

Restoring ecosystems as natural shields against the effects of extreme weather is one of the best ways to protect both people and planet. In Madagascar, WFP is using plants to combat the dunes burying entire villages in sand.

DRC: Green Energy Powers Guesthouse for Humanitarians Responding to Hunger Crisis

The WFP humanitarian guesthouse in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a feat of green engineering that may serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives elsewhere.

Hunger, Poverty, Climate Shocks and Threat of Violence Force Hundreds of Thousands of Families From Their Homes in Central America

Over the last five years, a new report found that an estimated 378,000 people have made the arduous trek from their homes in Central America across the border into the United States.

In the Village of Ayok-Hong, South Sudanese Farmers Are Countering Climate Change – One Plot of Land at a Time

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is providing South Sudanese farmers with "climate-smart training" to make the most of their land and yield stronger harvests.

This Is the News That Caused Thousands of People to Give Over $3M Dollars in Just a Few Days

Here at World Food Program USA, we were blown away by the immediate show of support for the innocent people of Madagascar who are bearing the brunt of our climate crisis.

Daniel Brühl Named Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme

As conflict, climate change and the impact of the pandemic increase global hunger, Brühl joins the world’s largest humanitarian organization in its mission to reach a world with Zero Hunger.

Why the U.N.’s ‘Code Red’ Climate Change Warning Is Already a Reality for Many

"People affected by the climate crisis do not have the luxury to wait until the world’s changed course on greenhouse gas emissions."

COP26: “To Fix the Climate Crisis We Must Address Broken Food Systems”

WFP's Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Chief Gernot Laganda on the common solution to two great problems: the climate crisis and global hunger.

Climate Magnifies Hunger in Madagascar, Forecasted Poor Rains Bring Dread and Despair

As climate talks get underway in Glasgow, families in southern Madagascar, where climate is driving famine-like conditions, brace themselves for yet another harsh year ahead.

What Is COP26? What You Need to Know About the United Nations Climate Change Summit, and How It Connects to Hunger

The climate crisis impacts all parts of the global food system – from production to consumption. COP26 is a critical moment for global powers to meet and urgently tackle the impacts of climate change.

Don’t Look the Other Way: The Tragic Effects of the Climate Crisis Are Unfolding in Southern Madagascar, Where Hundreds of Thousands of Lives Are in the Grip of Drought of Famine

Hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk in southern Madagascar, the only place in the world right now where catastrophic levels of hunger are being driven by climate not conflict.


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