Acute Food Insecurity Soars to Five-Year High Warns Global Report on Food Crises

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlook for 2021 is grim. Conflict, economic shocks and climate change continue to drive hunger.

Extreme Hunger Reached a Five-Year High Last Year. Now Famine Is Looming for Millions.

Our worst fears are coming true. Life-threatening hunger is up, chronic hunger is up and extreme poverty is up. Millions are on the verge of famine due to conflict. How will we respond?

WFP and Tajik Government Sign a MOU on Climate Change Adaptation

This MoU will pave the way for wide ranging bilateral cooperation towards our common goal of improving food security in Tajikistan, and help WFP raise awareness about climate change.

Eating Insects and Praying for Rain: Zimbabwe Is Gripped by Hunger

With nearly 8 million people — half the country’s population — severely food insecure, families can do nothing but pray for rain. For the third consecutive year, Zimbabwe is experiencing drought - the worst the country has seen in 40 years.

Food Waste, Climate Change and Hunger: A Vicious Cycle We Have the Power to Break

Lost and wasted food might not seem like humanitarian issues, but they are. The way we grow, store, transport, sell and consume our food all contribute directly to the health of our global climate. Here's how.

Southern Madagascar on Brink of Famine, Warns WFP

We have witnessed heartbreaking scenes of severely malnourished children and starving families. We need the money and resources now to help the people of Madagascar.

Birds, Bees and Bats: We Need an Environmental Intervention Today to Achieve Zero Hunger

We need biodiversity to sustain and expand the world’s food supply. To achieve zero hunger, our agricultural and food system interventions need to double as environmental interventions.

How to Grow Goat Food in the Sahara, Barley in Refugee Camps & Veggies in Desert Slums

Refugees are rigging up simple hydroponic production units using only local materials to grow fresh grass for their goats. It's just one way WFP's helps people in conflict zones.

Food Waste vs. Food Loss: Know the Difference and Help #StopTheWaste Today

Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. There’s enough to feed all of us. Unfortunately, one third of all the food produced for humans never actually gets eaten.

What Bettina Stix, Amazon’s Director of ‘Right Now Needs’ and Disaster Relief, Has to Say About Hurricanes

We sat down with Bettina Stix, Amazon’s Director of Right Now Needs and Disaster Relief, to learn more about Amazon’s priorities in their humanitarian work and what inspired their partnership with the U.N. World Food Programme.

Aerial Assessments Help Timor-Leste Recover Following the Worst Floods in 40 Years

Torrential rains and flash floods from Cyclone Seroja hit the Timor-Leste in early April, leaving crops destroyed in six municipalities. WFP and its partners distributed life-saving relief materials to families affected by the floods within 48 hours.

Mother Earth Day: ‘Earthworms Are Our Ecosystem’s Unsung Superheroes’

WFP's forest management interventions are preserving Lebanon’s greenery. At a WFP site in Lebanon, we take a look at Kassem Jouni's work with earthworms and how these unsung heroes have a lot to offer.

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