Acute Food Insecurity Soars to Five-Year High Warns Global Report on Food Crises

One year after the COVID-19 pandemic, the outlook for 2021 is grim. Conflict, economic shocks and climate change continue to drive hunger.

Extreme Hunger Reached a Five-Year High Last Year. Now Famine Is Looming for Millions.

Our worst fears are coming true. Life-threatening hunger is up, chronic hunger is up and extreme poverty is up. Millions are on the verge of famine due to conflict. How will we respond?

Eating Insects and Praying for Rain: Zimbabwe Is Gripped by Hunger

With nearly 8 million people — half the country’s population — severely food insecure, families can do nothing but pray for rain. For the third consecutive year, Zimbabwe is experiencing drought - the worst the country has seen in 40 years.

Birds, Bees and Bats: We Need an Environmental Intervention Today to Achieve Zero Hunger

We need biodiversity to sustain and expand the world’s food supply. To achieve zero hunger, our agricultural and food system interventions need to double as environmental interventions.

How to Grow Goat Food in the Sahara, Barley in Refugee Camps & Veggies in Desert Slums

Refugees are rigging up simple hydroponic production units using only local materials to grow fresh grass for their goats. It's just one way WFP's helps people in conflict zones.

Food Waste vs. Food Loss: Know the Difference and Help #StopTheWaste Today

Global hunger isn’t about a lack of food. There’s enough to feed all of us. Unfortunately, one third of all the food produced for humans never actually gets eaten.

Over 65% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just Ten Countries. Why?

Conflict is a vicious force, and one that's pushed 88 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable. Nearly all of them live in the same places.

Over 250 Humanitarian Agencies Issue Joint Call for Urgent Funds to Avoid Famine

Girls and boys, men and women are being starved by conflict, inequality, climate, and COVID-19. But there is no place for famine in the 21st century, and history will judge us all by the actions we take today.

Building Resilient Communities Top Priority as WFP Chief Visits Central America

You are hearing about all the migration. People have lost their jobs. They have lost their hope. We urgently need to help people with food as well as long-term development that requires more than a piecemeal approach.

Explosive Mix of Soaring Food Prices and Conflict Drives up Hunger by a Third Across West Africa

Millions of families in West and Central Africa are growing more hungry and desperate by the day as food prices skyrocket. Even when food is available, families simply cannot afford it.

Celebrating Ramadan in Yemen: “the Graveyard for the Living”

Seven incredible women share their experiences of extreme hardship during Ramadan in war-torn Yemen.

Acute Malnutrition Threatens Half of Children Under Five in Yemen in 2021: UN

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues to exert a terrible toll on children, warns UN agencies FAO, UNICEF, WFP and WHO.

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