USAID Contributes $12 Million to WFP to Help 95,000 Families in Afghanistan Struck by the Impact of Covid-19

WFP plans to reach a total of 10.3 million Afghan people in 2020, giving $79 to each family to cover their food needs for two months at a time.

New Report Shows Hunger Is Due to Soar as Coronavirus Obliterates Lives and Livelihoods

Countries across Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia could be crushed under the weight of famine during the pandemic. Here's what WFP wants to do to help.

As More Go Hungry and Malnutrition Persists, Achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in Doubt, UN Report Warns

Unhealthy diets, food insecurity, malnutrition and a pandemic mean tens of millions more people are hungry. Here's what we need to do about it.

Government of Haiti Adopts WFP-Supported Social Protection and Promotion Policy

The programs are designed to reduce inequality and discrimination, protect people against unemployment, sickness or losses of income, and increase their economic autonomy.

This Father’s Day, We’re Honoring Dads Around the World Fighting to Feed Their Kids

This fathers day, we're taking a look at how dads around the world do what they can to keep their families safe in the face of conflict, displacement and hunger.

United States Contributes $10 Million to Support Hungry Zimbabweans in Urban Areas

The contribution will provide almost 100,000 people with $13 a month, enabling them to meet almost two-thirds of their daily food requirements.

Birds, Bees and Bats: We Need an Environmental Intervention Today to Achieve Zero Hunger

We need biodiversity to sustain and expand the world’s food supply. To achieve zero hunger, our agricultural and food system interventions need to double as environmental interventions.

Afghans Face Down Hunger As They Suffer From the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Three Afghans share their stories of getting help from WFP. They're the reason funding is needed to survive the pandemic.

As Zimbabweans Go Hungry, Here’s How Coronavirus Is Making Everything Even Worse – Especially for Women and Girls

A single mother in Zimbabwe struggles under the threat of coronavirus: her crops are failing, her children are out of school and food is increasingly scarce. Here's how WFP is helping.

Global Report on Food Crises Reveals Scope of Food Crises as COVID-19 Poses New Risks to Vulnerable Countries

A new report finds that rates of acute hunger worldwide are the highest they've been since the report's inception.


The latest updates on COVID-19's impact on global hunger and what WFP is doing to make sure the world's most vulnerable people have the food they need to survive.

The Economic Impact of Coronavirus Could Worsen Food Security for the World’s Hungry People

“In some contexts, the economic consequences of this disease could end up hurting more people than the disease itself,” says WFP’s Chief Economist.

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Emergency in Lebanon

Explosion at Port of Beirut pushes families into hunger crisis: With no food and nowhere to turn they face dire consequences.

Rush lifesaving aid today.

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