Everything You Need to Know About Food Systems: How They Can Avert Famine and Help End Hunger

What are food systems and how do they relate to WFP's work? As the UN Food Systems pre-summit begins in Rome, we're taking a look at the basics of our food systems.

WFP Sends First Humanitarian Passenger Flight Into Tigray

The first United Nations Humanitarian Air Service passenger flight, which is managed by WFP, has touched down at Tigray’s Alula Aba Nega International Airport in Mekelle today.

Statement by WFP Executive Director on Qatari Funding for Humanitarian Operations in Yemen

Qatar’s support, part of which will go to WFP, is critical for staving off famine in Yemen and will save millions of lives.

“Hope Is Key to Our Work.” Highlights From a Conversation Between WFP USA’s President and the Alliance’s Eric Mitchell

On June 29th, World Food Program USA President and CEO Barron Segar sat down with the Executive Director of the Alliance to End Hunger, Eric Mitchell, to discuss hunger in Central America.

Young and Gifted: Against all Odds, Refugees in Malawi Rebuild Their Lives Through Passion and Entrepreneurship

To mark World Youth Skills Day, we would like to introduce five young and gifted refugees who left their homes in the DRC and now live in the Dzaleka refugee camp.

The United Nations World Food Programme: A Nonprofit or Part of the U.N.?

Have you ever wondered what exactly the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is? Or how it fits under the larger umbrella of the United Nations?

Hunger Pandemic: Food Security Report Confirms WFP’s Worst Fears

The SOFI report estimates that up to 811 million people went hungry in 2020 due to climate extremes and economic slowdowns exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

WFP Convoy Reaches Tigray, Many More Are Vital to Meet Growing Needs

A WFP convoy of 50 trucks arrived in the Tigrayan capital of Mekelle today with 900 metric tons of food as well as other emergency supplies.

UN Report: Pandemic Year Marked by Spike in World Hunger

There was a dramatic worsening of world hunger in 2020, the United Nations said today – much of it likely related to the fallout of COVID-19.

We Can Choose to End Famine. We Just Need to Recognize That It Exists.

If human choices are mostly responsible for famine, then what choices can we make to end them?

USAID and WFP: Saving Lives Together in South Sudan for 10 Years

As South Sudan marks 10 years of independence, WFP and USAID reaffirm their strategic partnership to improve the lives of millions of South Sudanese.

Pandemic Job Losses Conspire With High Food Prices to Push Food Out of Reach for Millions

High food prices, driven by conflict, economic fragility and the impacts of La Niña, are making food unaffordable for millions of families already struggling because of the pandemic.

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