For International Day of Peace, Meet Rebecca: A Mother of Four Building Peace in the World’s Hungriest Country

In honor of International Day of Peace, we're spotlighting a peacebuilding project working to ease tensions and resolve conflict in the world's largest hunger crisis. 

Meet Abeer, Ghada, Heyam, Radha and Samira: Five Entrepreneurs Breaking the Glass Ceiling With Fresh Vegetables in Syria

After being friends, neighbors and farmers for years, five women in Tartous, Syria decided to come together and start their own business.

Fighting Childhood Hunger One Pea at a Time

“I’ve not only seen the health of my children improve, but the health of my community. Our children are strong now," says Emeldah.

First Humanitarian Flight to Kabul Since Taliban Takeover Marks Turning Point in Crisis

UNHAS has resumed flights to Kabul, enabling humanitarian responders and much-needed relief items to reach desperate Afghans in multiple locations across the country.

The Miracle Mackerel: How a Contribution of Fish Is Buoying the Diets of Nearly 300,000 Schoolchildren in Burundi

High in protein, vitamins and minerals, the mackerel is a welcome dietary addition for 270,000 children living in the hungry regions of Burundi.

Funding Crunch Forces WFP to Cut Food Assistance in South Sudan

WFP will suspend food assistance for more than 100,000 displaced people in parts of South Sudan starting in October as part of a prioritization exercise driven by funding shortages this year.

With Loving, Tender Care: A Tribute to Grandparents on the Frontlines of the Fight Against Childhood Hunger

In honor of Grandparents’ Day, here are six stories of grandparents bringing joy, comfort and strength to their families.  

Afghanistan: WFP Remains Standing – a Fortress Against Hunger

Just like the Citadel of Herat, the U.N. World Food Programme remains standing — a fortress against hunger. We will stand with the Afghan people, for however long they will need us.

How WFP Is Helping Keep the Air Clean and the Skies Blue

For International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, we're taking a look at how #healthyairhealthyplanet and #ZeroHunger go hand in hand. 

WFP Expands Emergency Response as up to 7 Million People Face Hunger Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

Time is running out for millions across Northern Ethiopia. This momentum must be sustained to save millions from falling deeper into hunger.

Senegal: Cow Dung Proves ‘Green Gold’ for the Women of Kolda

In the south of Senegal, communities are preserving the environment by using WFP biodigesters to convert cow dung into fertilizer and gas.

An Activist “With a Heart for Helping Other Women.” For International Day of Charity, Meet Habiba: A Farmer Leading the Charge for Gender Equality in Kenya

"I must help as many as I can with the little that I have. To me, this is sadaqah (the Islamic notion of 'voluntary charity').” 

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