Is the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) a Trustworthy Organization?

Photo: WFP/Gabriela Vivacqua
World Food Program USA
Published December 22, 2022
Last Updated November 21, 2023

We know there are lots of nonprofits to choose from this giving season, so we appreciate that you are considering giving your dollars to World Food Program USA. We can assure you: This is the place where your donation truly makes a difference. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are the top seven reasons to trust us with your donation before 2023 comes to a close.

1) World Food Program USA Is Transparent and Accountable

At World Food Program USA, we are proud to show complete financial transparency and accountability. We are the U.S.-based non-profit that builds support within the U.S. for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). By making a gift to World Food Program USA, you directly fuel the work of the U.N. World Food Programme.

We also invite external auditors to conduct independent reports which are publicly available as well. They go back as far as 2012 – so you can trust that every one of your dollars is accounted for. You can view all of our financials here.

2) World Food Program USA Is Responsible with Your Resources

Photo: WFP/Michael Tewelde

Loko Shoba, a mother of 7 receiving a food from WFP’s support during a drought emergency in Ethiopia.

World Food Program USA ensures your money goes toward its intended cause, and we have a high efficiency ratio to prove it. A program efficiency ratio is used to show how much of an organization’s funds are being used to achieve their mission. The ratio is calculated by dividing program expenses (costs directly related to achieving the mission of the organization) by total expenses. So, the higher the ratio, the more money is being spent on programs.

To give you an idea of an industry standard, Charity Navigator – one of the most widely used third-party evaluators – found that 7 out of 10 charities have a program efficiency ratio of at least 75%, while the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance recommends a ratio of 65% or higher. World Food Program USA is operating far above this standard: We have a program efficiency ratio of 93%. That means $0.93 cents of every dollar you give goes directly to providing food for people around the world.

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3) World Food Program USA Is a Top-Rated Charity

When you give to World Food Program USA, you can feel confident that you are giving to an exceptional charity with industry ratings to prove it. World Food Program USA received a 4-star Exceptional rating from Charity Navigator two years in a row. As the world’s largest evaluator of nonprofits, Charity Navigator is   used by diligent donors researching causes they care about. World Food Program USA’s 4-star rating shows we’re a charity that “exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its cause.” We’ve also received the Platinum Seal of Transparency on Candid Guidestar two years in a row. The Platinum Seal demonstrates the highest commitment to transparency.

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4) The U.N. World Food Programme Has a Long History of Fighting Hunger

One of the key indicators of a trustworthy organization is experience. The U.N. World Food Programme has over 60 years of experience delivering food to millions of people around the world who are caught in the worst hunger crises. The hunger-fighting organization was established in 1961 as an experiment to provide food through the UN system. Within a few months, the U.N. World Food Programme was put to the test when a devastating earthquake struck Iran. Even in its infancy, the organization’s emergency response was quick and effective at delivering food to those impacted by the quake.

The U.N. World Food Programme has shown that it is committed to its cause by growing into one of the largest humanitarian agencies in the world with numerous programs that save and change lives. While hunger has worsened over recent years due to increased factors including conflict and the climate crisis, we remain committed to our mission to end global hunger. Long after a disaster is over, we stay to help communities build resilience and become self-sustaining.

5) The U.N. World Food Programme Is Effective and Efficient

Over 60 years, the U.N. World Food Programme has honed its knowledge of global economies, local governments and supply chain logistics. On any given day, the organization coordinates 6,500 trucks, 20 ships and 140 aircraft to effectively deliver lifesaving food to over 150 million people in 120 countries and territories. Due to the U.N. World Food Programme’s operational reach and expertise in humanitarian logistics, the organization was chosen to oversee the delivery of all supplies and staff for the entire humanitarian aid community during times of crisis.

Efficiency is also a core value for the U.N. World Food Programme. Every dollar saved means the organization can reach more people with urgently needed food assistance. Through cutting-edge technology and data platforms like HungerMapLive, the U.N. World Food Programme optimizes its services to get a real-time look at needs on the ground and make timely, well-informed decisions.

Photo: WFP/Samantha Reinders

Amidst historic levels of hunger and rising costs, the U.N. World Food Programme has kept the cost of a meal at just $0.50 cents.

6) The U.N. World Food Programme Won the Nobel Peace Prize

In 2020, the U.N. World Food Programme received the Nobel Peace Prize for “its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict.”

The Nobel Peace Prize recognized the key role the U.N. World Food Programme plays in using food assistance as a pathway to peace. By ensuring food is affordable and accessible, the U.N. World Food Programme fosters stability at the community level.

7) The U.N. World Food Programme Works Where It Is Most Needed

The U.N. World Food Programme operates in over 120 countries and territories around the world. It delivers food where people need it most, including in the wake of natural disasters and conflicts. Currently, it’s providing lifesaving food to people in Gaza, Ukraine and several other places with humanitarian emergencies. You can trust that your donation will go where it is needed most.

The World Food Program USA and the U.N. World Food Programme have proven their impact, transparency and accountability time and time again. We ensure your donation is put to work immediately across the U.N. World Food Programme’s lifesaving operations. When you give to World Food Program USA, you can give with confidence and trust that your money will be used to save the most lives possible.

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