How to Grow Goat Food in the Sahara, Barley in Refugee Camps & Veggies in Desert Slums

Refugees are rigging up simple hydroponic production units using only local materials to grow fresh grass for their goats. It's just one way WFP's helps people in conflict zones.

UN Humanitarian Agencies Appeal for $15 Million for Joint COVID-19 Response for Sahrawi Refugees in Algeria

Coronavirus has exacerbated the lives of refugees who've been living in the Sahara Desert for the past 45 years. Here's our appeal, and how we plan to help.

How Innovation Is Transforming The Way Refugees Grow Food

In one of the most remote refugee camps in the world, WFP has introduced a smart new way to tackle food insecurity among refugees who lack access to land: Hydroponic agriculture.


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