This Is What Extreme Hunger Looks Like Through the Eyes of Seven Small Children, Told in Photos

What does malnutrition do to the body of a young child? The effects are devastating, with lifelong consequences for children and their communities. Here are seven of their stories.

Fall Out of COVID-19 Severely Affects Food Security of Migrants in South America

Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to register an alarming 269% rise in the number of people facing severe food insecurity compared to 2019.

Coronavirus Has Sent Ecuador Spiraling Into an Emergency. This Is How Families Are Struggling to Adapt.

Guayaquil, Ecuador has become a hotspot in the COVID-19 crisis, as an aggressive outbreak recently hit the city. WFP talked to a beneficiary family there to see how their coping in this turbulent time.

The Road Ahead for Food Security in Colombia and Ecuador

Achieving a lasting peace agreement and making life-saving gains in nutrition among women and children make these two countries promising areas for new collaboration and investment.


Supporting Families With Food After the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake

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