A Force of Nature: Hunger and Climate Crises in Ten Photographs From Around the Globe

To mark Nature Photography Day, we’re looking at ten stunning photographs from some of the hungriest places on earth.

How Families in a Remote, Desert Village Banded Together to Build a Community School

Eight years ago, Mahmoud rolled up his sleeves and started building a community school in his hometown with his bare hands. 

WFP Launches New Collaboration to Support Mothers and Children in Time of COVID-19 Crisis in Partnership With the Ministry of Social Solidarity

The U.N. World Food Programme is the sole UN agency in Egypt that provides food security to the most vulnerable populations, making this investment all the more crucial.

WFP Expands Food Assistance in Egypt to Include Refugees From Multiple Countries

Recent results from WFP’s food security analysis show that WFP food assistance has lifted more than one third of targeted refugees above the national income poverty line and has significantly contributed to their food security status.


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