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As a global payments technology company, Mastercard is focused on leveraging technology in new ways, to benefit not just business, but people and the world around us. The result is a clear and consistent vision of doing well and doing good. In 2012, Mastercard and WFP entered into a strategic partnership, with the ambitious mission of building a world beyond hunger. Focused on two clear pillars; digital food and integrated giving, the partnership links Mastercard’s expertise in payment technology to WFP’s expertise in delivering food assistance. By enabling recipients to buy what they need using preloaded e-cards, this innovative approach facilitates access to food and gives recipients the dignity to choose what they need from local markets, driving inclusion. Since the partnership began, Mastercard and WFP have used this innovation to help people around the world, including providing relief to over 2.2 million Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.



Start Something Priceless With Your Employees

100 million meals. It’s the kind of goal that takes a village to achieve. And Mastercard’s employees are ready to make it a reality—one meal at a time. At its…

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A shop assistant checks an e-card against a list of refugees
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What WFP Delivers: Cash, Vouchers and E-Cards

When it comes to feeding people in need, aid agencies rely on the right food at the right time. That’s why the World Food Programme — the largest humanitarian agency…

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It’s been less than two weeks since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been working non-stop to reach millions of survivors with lifesaving…

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Hope Looks Like: Dignity In Hand

Updated April 25, 2018 WFP's e-vouchers might look like regular prepaid debit cards, but for Syrians like Ali Farhat, they represent a lifeline for his family as the crisis enters its 8th year.…

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9 Things To Know About WFP’s E-Cards

For 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, WFP's e-cards are a vital source of food — and hope — so far from home. So how…

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Mastercard & WFP Team Up For Selfless Selfies Campaign

  Cost of an average smartphone: $335     Cost of one WFP school meal served in a red cup: $0.25     Cost of providing wfp school meals for…

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