WFP/Ellie Kealey

As a global payments technology company, Mastercard is focused on leveraging technology in new ways, to benefit not just business, but people and the world around us. The result is a clear and consistent vision of doing well and doing good. In 2012, Mastercard and WFP entered into a strategic partnership, with the ambitious mission of building a world beyond hunger. Focused on two clear pillars; digital food and integrated giving, the partnership links Mastercard’s expertise in payment technology to WFP’s expertise in delivering food assistance.

By enabling recipients to buy what they need using preloaded e-cards, this innovative approach facilitates access to food and gives recipients the dignity to choose what they need from local markets, driving inclusion. Since the partnership began, Mastercard and WFP have used this innovation to help people around the world, including providing relief to over 2.2million Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Leveraging technology, Mastercard has also driven new ideas and activities to raise key funds. This includes a fully digital donation platform that enables Mastercard cardholders to effortlessly make donations as part of their everyday spending. Mastercard also uses its marketing and brand capacity to raise awareness and funds for WFP in key markets. The Center for Inclusive Growth at Mastercard has been a generous supporter during times of emergency, including relief for Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, the Colombian Landslides, historic flooding in Sri Lanka, and the 2017 Caribbean Hurricanes.

“At Mastercard we believe that good partnerships can build great opportunities, exciting initiatives and ground-breaking experiences. Our partnership with the World Food Programme delivers against one of the most compelling of visions, a world beyond hunger.” Ajay Banga, CEO and President, Mastercard.