United States Provides $119 Million to WFP for School Meals in Five Countries

The money will enable WFP to feed about 841,000 children, which couldn't come at a more critical time after COVID-19 closures.

General Mills $750,000 Grant Renews Support for School Feeding Programs in China and India

This generous new grant will support pilot programs to improve the nutritional quality of meals, including school "nutri-gardens" that will help kids learn about gardening.

How a Simple Cheese Sandwich Added $1.3M to Aleppo’s Economy

November 3rd marks National Sandwich day - a perfect occasion to revisit this hopeful Syrian story about WFP's school meals initiative.

This New Online Tool Creates Nourishing, Locally-Sourced School Meals in Minutes

It might seem futuristic, but WFP's "PLUS" software designs a "menu" of school meals that are healthier, up to 20% cheaper, and use as much as 70% locally-sourced ingredients.

Children at War: Six Stories From the Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Hunger is terrible, but especially cruel to children. And it's a daily reality for millions of them – a scale that’s difficult for most of us to imagine.

This One Simple Thing Can Feed Children, Reduce Inequality, Empower Women and Girls, and Break the Cycle of Poverty

What is "home grown" school feeding? It's not only transforming the lives of students, but entire communities.

Would-Be-Trash Veggies Are Being Transformed Into School Meals in Brazil

New recipes are changing the way Brazil treats food waste. No longer thrown away, beetroot leaves, carrot tops and pumpkin peels give more nutrients and flavor to dishes.

The Number of Hungry Children on the Planet Keeps Rising: Here’s a Deep Dive Into What That Means

Here's a look at our latest report on childhood malnutrition, and its crushing impact on babies and children.

17M Underage Girls Become Mothers Every Year and They Are So Hard to Reach

We need to remind the world of the exponential power of investing in adolescent girls. "If this was the stock market, you’d have investors flocking," says one doctor.

Schools, Health and Nutrition — Why Coronavirus Demands a Rethink of Education

Carmen Burbano, Director of School Feeding at the World Food Programme, says we must rethink the entire education system or risk a "generational catastrophe."

WFP and Government of Uttar Pradesh Work Together to Address Malnutrition in Children

New food production plants across Uttar Pradesh could reach more than 3 million at-risk kids with nutritious take-home rations - and they'll be led by rural women.

In the Words of This Little Girl, A Warm Meal and ‘Magic Sprinkles’ Make Learning Possible

7-year-old Rani is breaking all kinds of rules for girls in India. She plays sports, she's the top of her class, and she cut her hair short. Meals and 'magic sprinkles' make it possible.

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