Nutrition at Risk for Typhoon-Hit Filipino Families, WFP Warns

Three weeks after Super Typhoon Odette devastated a huge swathe of the Philippines, WFP is warning that nutrition and food security are at risk in communities in hard-hit areas unless immediate food needs are met soon.

WFP Assists the Philippines Government in Responding to Devastating Typhoon Rai

WFP is providing crucial emergency logistics and telecommunications support to the Government of the Philippines in its response to the devastation caused by Typhoon Rai.

WFP in South Sudan Reaches Communities Battered by Third Year of Floods; Build Roads and Dykes to Help People Recover

WFP is scaling up support for people impacted by the third consecutive year of record floods that are battering South Sudan.

What Is COP26? What You Need to Know About the United Nations Climate Change Summit, and How It Connects to Hunger

The climate crisis impacts all parts of the global food system – from production to consumption. COP26 is a critical moment for global powers to meet and urgently tackle the impacts of climate change.

Climate Crisis Driving Hunger, Warns WFP on World Food Day

The climate crisis has the potential to overwhelm humanity. The world is not prepared for the unprecedented rise in hunger we will see if we do not invest in programs that help vulnerable communities adapt and build resilience to our changing climate

World Food Program USA Donates $250,000 to Support United Nations World Food Programme’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

World Food Program USA has donated $250,000 to WFP to support critical earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake: “It’s Hard to See People With Nowhere to Sleep – Especially the Kids”

WFP’s Marianela González reports from areas affected by the 7.2 magnitude quake that struck the country on August 14.

Statement From World Food Program USA President and CEO on Earthquake in Haiti

All of us at WFP USA have been heartbroken by the startling images of grieving families and devastated communities coming out of Haiti following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday.

Haiti Earthquake: WFP Works With Partners to Assist Survivors

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is working around the clock to respond after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti on Saturday.

WFP Provides Food to Thousands Displaced from Goma After Volcano Eruption

WFP has started providing emergency food rations to people displaced from their homes in Goma by the sudden eruption of Nyiragongo volcano.

Voices of the Dry Corridor: Stories of Climate Change & Hunger

In the Dry Corridor of Central America, dry spells have ruined crops and shrunken lakes, pushing families to extremes to feed themselves. These six stories show just how daunting the challenge is.

Why Do Floods Follow Droughts? Look to the Somali Region of Ethiopia.

Imagine waking up to a wave of water running across your floor and hearing your six children cry out in fear. This is what happened to Agan in Ethiopia when floods washed away everything she had.


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