Image depicting The Weeknd's XO Humanitarian Fund

The Weeknd's XO Humanitarian Fund

Goodwill Ambassador Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye has launched the XO Humanitarian Fund to help feed millions of people on the brink of famine. Help The Weeknd send lifesaving food to the world's hungriest people by donating today.



The Weeknd Launches the XO Humanitarian Fund, Powered by World Food Programme

WFP is honored to partner with The Weeknd to launch the XO Humanitarian Fund, powered by World Food Programme. In addition to a generous donation of $500,000 from The Weeknd, $1 per ticket from his highly anticipated After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour will go to the Fund.

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The Weeknd + WFP USA

The Weeknd Launches XO Humanitarian Fund

The Weeknd launches the XO Humanitarian Fund, with an initial donation of $500,000, to help stave off hunger and famine around the world.

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The Weeknd Becomes a Goodwill Ambassador for WFP

World Food Program USA announces The Weeknd as the newest U.N. Goodwill Ambassador for WFP.

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The Weeknd Donates $1 Million to Ethiopia

The Weeknd donates $1 million in support of hunger relief efforts in Ethiopia. The significant donation, which equates to 2 million meals, will provide lifesaving food to those affected by conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray Region.

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The Weeknd Joins Other Artists to Raise Funds for Lebanon

The Weeknd joined the #GlobalAidForLebanon campaign, raising funds for the victims of the Beirut explosion and bringing in more than $1.2 million.

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What's Happening in Ethiopia?

As the son of Ethiopian immigrants, the recent conflict has had a strong impact on The Weeknd. Learn about the crisis in Northern Ethiopia and why The Weeknd is using his voice to speak out on global hunger.

Photo: WFP/Marco Frattini Top 5 Goals We Reached in Ethiopia With the Support of The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s ambassadorship and advocacy has helped shed a global spotlight on the rising tide of global hunger and send relief to countries affected by conflict, like his parents’ home of Ethiopia.

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Photo: WFP/Michael Tewelde 13 Million People Facing Severe Hunger as Drought Grips the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the driest conditions recorded since 1981, with severe drought leaving an estimated 13 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia facing severe hunger.

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Photo: WFP/Claire Nevill/2022 Severe Hunger Tightens Grip on Northern Ethiopia

A new food security assessment released by WFP shows that almost 40 percent of Tigrayans are suffering an extreme lack of food, after 15 months of conflict.

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