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The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has been on the frontlines of the world’s worst hunger crises, fighting hunger and famine since 1962. Right now we’re taking on our largest scale-up ever, providing lifesaving meals to 150 million of the world’s most vulnerable people in more than 120 countries and territories this year.

What causes hunger?


Conflict is the #1 driver of hunger, destroying lives and homes while creating instability.

Photo: WFP/Arete/Ed Ram

Climate Change

More frequent and extreme weather disasters are destroying vulnerable communities.

How we fight hunger

Emergency Relief

When conflict erupts or natural disaster strikes, WFP is there. We feed families on the front lines of our planet’s most dangerous and complicated crises.

School Meals

Providing food for children in school increases attendance and improves focus. We are the largest provider of school meals in the world.

Photo: WFP
Resilience Building

We help small-scale farmers not only recover from disasters, but adapt to be resilient against them through skills training and resources.

Photo: WFP

Take Action

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Use your social media influence as a platform to raise awareness for ending world hunger.

Be an Advocate

Send an email to your representative in Congress to advocate on behalf of the hungry.

Play Freerice

You pick the topic, and for every correct answer 10 grains of rice are donated to change lives.

Take the Hunger Quiz

How much do you know about the causes of global hunger? Let’s find out! The answers may surprise you.