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Crisis From Conflict

Armenia is affected by conflict and displacement. WFP is on the ground delivering food to vulnerable families.

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Armenia was already fighting hunger, but with the recent conflict displacing over tens of thousands of people, the need is greater than ever.


of Armenians live in poverty


of the population is hungry


recent arrivals in Armenia

Armenia Facts

Population: 3 million people

Background:  Armenia gained its independence in 1991 after the Soviet Union collapsed. 

Geography & Climate:  Armenia is a landlocked country between Europe and Asia, bordered by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Türkiye. It is a highland mountainous region with a dry climate.

Economy:  Since independence, Armenia’s economy has been growing slowly, though it took devastating hits from the 2009 recession and in 2020 from COVID-19 and conflict.

What’s causing hunger in Armenia?

Azerbaijan, September 1994 In the Photo: WFP Emergency food distributions to returnees, refugees, displaced persons & other war-affected populations. Photo: WFP/John Murray The dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh has resulted in major population movements. Thousands of ethnic Azeri and Mehketi Turk refugees have crossed Azerbaijan. WFP food assistance is provided to the most needy groups comprising children, expectant/nursing mothers, the destitute and elderly people.
Photo: WFP/John Murray

Displacement from War

Over the past two years, Armenia has faced a conflict that has resulted in displacement and hunger. Most recently, more than 90,000 individuals have sought refuge in Armenia. Among them are elderly people and many children. 


Poverty & Unemployment

Since independence, Armenia has had slow economic growth. Closed borders with Türkiye and Azerbaijan have hindered its trade opportunities, and multiple recessions from external factors have create economic shocks that were difficult to recover from. As a result, there is high unemployment, poverty and hunger. Many Armenians emigrate and the remaining population heavily relies on remittances.

WFP’s Work in Armenia

WFP has worked in Armenia since 1993. Through conflict and economic shocks, we’ve have provided food for vulnerable people. Now, WFP is ramping up to provide 21,000 meals to people displaced by the recent conflict.

Food and Cash Transfers

WFP provides direct food and cash assistance to vulnerable people in Armenia. In 2022, we delivered food to over 34,000 people.

Emergency Relief

We provided food assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now to people displaced by recent conflict.

Photo: WFP/Alessandro Moretti
School Meals

WFP has been implementing school meals since 2010. In 2022, we provided over 160,000 school meals and snacks to children in Armenia.

Photo: WFP/Abeer Etefa

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