Photo: WFP/Claire Nevill


Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

Conflict and drought are devastating northern Ethiopia, pushing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children into extreme hunger.

Families in Dire Need of Help

Ethiopia is facing a tragic combination of conflict and climate shocks. Nearly 16 million people are food insecure because of drought, floods, desert locusts, COVID-19, conflict and economic shocks.


Over 3M people have received WFP aid since December 2023.


WFP aims to reach 1.9M people facing the highest levels of hunger this year.


WFP is providing nearly 600K women and children with nutrition support.

WFP’s Work in Ethiopia

We’ve been present in Ethiopia since 1968, using food assistance to empower women, transform areas affected by the climate crisis and keep children in school.

Refugee Assistance

WFP works closely with partners to support refugees and asylum seekers in Ethiopia. WFP has scaled up to assist nearly 1M refugees.

Photo: WFP/Leni Kinzli
Specialized Nutrition

WFP offers nutrition support to the most vulnerable Ethiopians including pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5.

Photo: WFP
Emergency Response

WFP provides food and cash to the most vulnerable families. Stocks of food are prepositioned in case of conflict or climate shocks.

Photo: WFP/Arete/Ed Ram
School Meals

WFP aims to provide about 800,000 schoolchildren with daily school meals, with a focus on conflict-affected areas in northern Ethiopia.

Photo: WFP/Ed Ram
Photo: WFP/Leni Kinzli

You Can Help Save Lives

When you donate, you help us deliver critical food relief to the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia and other countries around the world. You can make difference in someone’s life. Send food today.