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Hacking Hunger Podcast

Photo: WFP/Saikat Mojumder Hacking Hunger - Episode 43: COVID-19 and the 5 Major Threats it Poses to Global Food Security

Less than 20 percent of people living in low-income countries have access to social protections of any kind, and even fewer have access to food-based safety nets. Dr. Chase Sova, WFP USA senior director of public policy and research, tells us what the experts are saying on COVID impact.

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Photo: WFP/Ammar Bamatraf Hacking Hunger - Ep. 42: Inside the Lives of Women Living Through World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Hunger is cruel to everyone, but it’s not completely blind. Women – especially in times of war – are more at risk. Yemen is no exception to this rule, and as the nation’s conflict drags into its fifth year, women find themselves in increasingly difficult circumstances.

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Photo: Courtesy of Abdi Nor Iftin Hacking Hunger - Ep. 40: Hunger, War and an American Dream

Growing up in Somalia in the 90s, Abdi Nor Iftin suffered through famine and war. This is his story of what he went through and how he survived.

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Hunger and Hope: Lessons From Ethiopia and Guatemala

In this hour-long special, Rick Steves travels through Ethiopia and Guatemala to learn about extreme poverty and its solutions, including smart development aid, empowering women, child nutrition, and education.

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How to End Global Hunger: Start by Feeding and Empowering Women

When we feed and empower women, women save their communities. How? Because women reinvest 90 percent of their resources back into their families and communities.

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See Why Millions Are at War With Hunger

Hunger is on the rise, and we know why. Violence, war, matter what you call it, conflict drives more people into hunger than any other cause on the planet.

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Infographic: How Extreme Weather Causes Extreme Hunger

Climate change is the second leading cause of global hunger. Click, swipe and scroll your way through our interactive infographic to see the whole story.

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Infographic: How and Why Women Face Higher Rates of Hunger

Of the 821 million people who are food insecure in the world right now, 60% are women and girls. Click, swipe and scroll your way through our interactive infographic to see the whole story.

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Infographic: What's the Difference Between Food Waste and Food Loss?

Nearly 30% of all the food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. But how does that happen? This infographic has the answer.

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WFP Provides Food Assistance in Yemen

WFP is providing food assistance for those most urgently in need of support in what has emerged as one of the world’s worst hunger crises. In 2019, WFP aims to provide 12 million people with food and nutrition assistance with 100% rations across Yemen.

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SCOPE System in Yemen

WFP is currently registering beneficiaries on the SCOPE system in Yemen. Registering beneficiaries on the SCOPE system allows WFP to expand the cash transfer program.

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Living in a Tent in Yemen

Saleh’s family live inside this tent. When they cannot afford breakfast they only have tea to drink. Saleh and his family fled from Bani Hassan due to the recent fighting in the area.

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