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How to Help

Hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem.


Be Part of the Solution

When disaster strikes and hours can mean the difference between life and death, the World Food Programme (WFP) is one of the first on the ground to provide lifesaving assistance. When the emergency is over, our work is just beginning. We help families to become self-sufficient, children to get an education and communities to better withstand future food crises.

We are powered entirely by your donations. WFP is the world’s leading humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. WFP reaches 82 million people in 82 countries with food assistance — but we need supporters like you to help us end hunger for good. 

Become a monthly donor

WFP USA is especially grateful for monthly donors. Knowing that we can rely on your support each month – with a gift of any size – makes an incredible difference in our efforts to end hunger.


“Hunger must be stopped. Period.”

— Anonymous WFP USA Supporter

Ways to Give

Any contribution you can make brings us one step closer to ending world hunger.

  • Planned Giving
  • Stocks & Securities
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Family Foundations
  • Leadership Gifts
  • A Gift In Honor of a Friend of Loved One
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The Case for Support

El Salvador: Delivering Hope For the Future

Hundreds of thousands of families in El Salvador have been affected by severe food loss. WFP has been reaching families with food and voucher assistance, enabling communities to enhance nutrition at home and achieve self-reliance through training and education. This support helps change the lives of thousands of Salvadoran families.

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Emergency Response: A Lifeline On the Front Lines

WFP is among the first humanitarian organizations on the ground to help hungry families in crisis. In conflict zones like Syria, Iraq and Yemen to regions of the world impacted by natural disaster, WFP works closely with national governments, the private sector and civil society partners to deliver life-saving food assistance when it matters most. The agency is also responsible for setting up vital telecommunications systems so the international aid community, government officials and local NGOs can coordinate relief and recovery efforts on the ground.

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School Meals: Transforming Communities Through Sustainable Nourishment

WFP is the world’s largest provider of school meals, reaching more than 16 million children in 2016. School meals often serve as the only reliable source of nutrition for children in impoverished communities. By easing the burden of putting food on the table, WFP removes hunger as a barrier to education and helps students concentrate and succeed in the classroom.

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Corporate Partnerships

WFP USA strongly believes in the power of meaningful corporate partnerships and collaborative efforts and has a rich history of working with the private sector.

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Foundation Partnerships

The contributions made by our Foundation partners have been employed to feed the future of thousands of people worldwide and help communities get back on their feet following an emergency.

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