The Home-Grown School Feeding programme in Malawi supports local farmers, providing school meals using local produce to almost 1 million children.
WFP/Raul Saenz

Feeding a Nation’s Future: The Transformative Power of School Feeding Programs

How school feeding can transform the lives of children and enhance a nation’s human capital.

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WFP/Marco Frattini

A Year of Saving and Changing Lives

A look at what 2018 meant for the World Food Programme (WFP) and the millions of people it serves.

World food programme

WFP/Gabriella Cladellas

José is thriving.

Saving and Changing Lives of Children in El Salvador

WFP/Micah Albert

Back to School Supply: High-Energy Biscuits & Date Bars

In March 2018, a school meals program was restarted inside Yemen to give children new hope within the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

WFP/Saikat Mojumder

Back to School Supply: High-Energy Biscuits

Since 2017, school meals have given Rohingya children a critical source of nutrition and a life-changing opportunity to continue their education after fleeing violence.

WFP/Hussam Al Saleh

Back to School Supply: Date Bars & Milk

Since 2014, school meals inside Syria have restored a sense of normalcy for hundreds of thousands of children trapped by war.

WFP/Badre Bahaji

Around the World in 1,000 Days

Good nutrition from conception to a child’s second birthday ensures a healthy start in life. Mothers — and fathers — across the globe share their experiences.

World food programme

WFP/Mohammad Batah

When food and music change lives

Mustafa Alsagheer sold his most prized possession to save his daughter’s life. But as the health care bills mounted, his family’s livelihood was left hanging in the balance. This is…

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Changing Lives, One Step at a Time

What happens when thousands of legal all-stars and their staff harness the power of fitness to do good? A healthier, better world.

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#RecipeForDisaster: Join the Movement!

In a world where one in nine people will go to bed hungry tonight, food waste is a #RecipeForDisaster. That’s because while the world produces enough food to feed all…

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