A Force of Nature: Hunger and Climate Crises in Ten Photographs From Around the Globe

To mark Nature Photography Day, we’re looking at ten stunning photographs from some of the hungriest places on earth.

For International Literacy Day, Meet Fatema: A Schoolgirl in Bangladesh Reading Her Way to Success

Thanks to school meals and remote learning resources, students like Fatema can continue to learn and grow at home while schools remain closed in Bangladesh.

Breastfeeding in Emergencies: The Struggles of New Mothers in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

In episode 33 of the Hacking Hunger podcast, we highlight the challenges faced by pregnant mothers, new moms and young children in this pop-up city.

For International Plastic Bag Free Day, Meet the Rohingya Refugees Upcycling Packaging and Hope

Through a upcycling centers in Bangladesh, Rohingya refuges are transforming packaging waste into useful products.

In Honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, Meet Foxtrot!

If you haven't met Foxtrot the humanitarian pup yet, you're in for a treat. On Take Your Dog to Work Day, we're sharing pics of our pups who've turned everyday into a holiday.

Almost Five Years After 2017 Influx, Rohingya Refugees are More Vulnerable Than Ever

Rohingya refugees are more vulnerable than at any point since 2017. Latest assessments show that 96 percent of all refugees are moderately to highly vulnerable and entirely reliant on humanitarian assistance.

How Blockchain Is Helping WFP Fight Against the Coronavirus in Bangladesh

Blockchain is helping people in the largest refugee camp in the world get quicker, easier, more straightforward access to the lifesaving assistance they need.

Teachers Play a Vital Role in Keeping Kids Fed and Healthy Around the World. Meet Six of These Heroes.

Teachers offer guidance, friendship, socialization - and in the most difficult places, even structure, comfort and food. Teachers go above and beyond - especially in countries where WFP works.

WFP Response to Devastating Fire in Rohingya Refugee Camp in COX’s Bazaar

The U.N. World Food Programme is working tirelessly to assist people in need following the devastating fire outbreak that tore through four settlements in the Kutupalong Mega Camp in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Our frontline staff in the camps reported horrific scenes of devastation, destruction and despair.

Sawyeddollah Became a Refugee at 16. He Tells His Story on World Youth Skills Day.

In honor of World Youth Skills Day, meet a young activist who fled his home in Myanmar at the age of 16 to seek a new life.

Women Are the Victims of – and Part of the Solution to – Hunger

One of the bitter realities of our work is that women and girls are more likely than men and boys to suffer from hunger. So everywhere we work, closing the hunger gender gap is one of our biggest priorities.

Handmade Toys by the World’s Most Resilient Children

It's remarkable what young ones can do with so little - especially when they're living on the front lines of war and hunger.

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