Hacking Hunger – Episode 1: Hunger in a post 9/11 World

Published September 30, 2015

Welcome to our first ever Hacking Hunger podcast! Today we’re joined today by Roger Thurow, an award-winning journalist and author who has traveled across the globe – he wrote for The Wall Street Journal for 30 years – reporting on food security, agriculture and humanitarian issues in Africa and Europe. You’ll exactly how he ended up writing about these issues – and why.

“I said to my editors, let’s look into some of America’s policies and programs overseas – not militarily, but economically, development issues, trade issues – and how they impact people in the developing world. Then we started asking, what happened to agriculture development in Africa? Why have we ended up with what we started calling the uneven plowing fields of the world? We were comparing the subsidies in the US and Europe and the impact those had on countries and farmers in say, Africa, where their governments were too poor to have subsidies.”

We spoke to Roger about his experience in the field, how 9/11 led him to cover global hunger issues, and his motto: “Outrage and inspire.”