Hacking Hunger – Episode 19: 24 Hours on the Border of War

Published May 25, 2017

As conflict rages in neighboring South Sudan, Uganda’s leaders — many of them former refugees themselves – are welcoming thousands of people seeking refuge from the violence with food and opportunity.

Uganda took in more refugees last year than across the Mediterranean, and yet it received half of the news coverage. Uganda is now the largest host of refugees in Sub Saharan Africa. The country has incredibly progressive policies towards refugees: they provide plots of lands so displaced families grow food. They allow refugees to work legally. And the country’s president is actually a former refugee: their progressive policies are in fact shaped by the experiences of their leaders.

In this episode of Hacking Hunger, M.J. talks to WFP USA’s Erin Cochran about her recent trip to Uganda and how the country – and aid workers – responded when an entire village in South Sudan fled for the border one night following a brutal attack by government forces.