Hacking Hunger – Episode 2: Debunking hunger myths with WFP USA’s Allan Jury

Published November 24, 2015

Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem but it’s also one of the most complicated. It exists not because there isn’t enough food to go around: it’s much more sinister. The causes can be as simple as a poor harvest, bad road or non existent bridge. They can also be more more complex: a geopolitical dispute, war, an outbreak of disease, natural disasters.

“If  you don’t have enough money to go to the local supermarket, it doesn’t matter how much food is grown on farms out in Iowa and Illinois, you’re gonna be hungry. And the same is true overseas. The tragedy overseas is that many of the people who don’t have access to food economically are actually small farmers – they can’t grow enough for their own consumption or enough to sell to get whatever other foods they need.”

On this episode of Hacking Hunger, Allan Jury, WFP USA’s Vice President of Public Policy, debunks some of the pernicious myths about global hunger and explains how agencies like the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) are making progress in the fight to end hunger.