Hacking Hunger – Episode 22: One Olympian’s Wake-Up Call in Uganda

Published August 4, 2017

Good nutrition helped Natalie Coughlin earn the most Olympic medals of any female swimmer in U.S. history: 12. But on her first ever trip to Uganda with World Food Program USA, she met farmers, elementary students and refugees from South Sudan – and they transformed her perspective on nutrition and food.

“I was in one of several WFP warehouses and there’s grain and corn and rice stacked to the ceiling, just thousands of bags. The magnitude of the food that’s provided is incredible.”

M.J. talks to Natalie about her journey of discovery – learning just how vital this work is – and how she intends to use her celebrity platform for good, encouraging people to support the United Nations World Food Programme.

“Even through the scale and magnitude is pretty great, when you boil it down to each individual kid it is a manageable amount for anyone to give – for anyone to donate.”