Hacking Hunger – Episode 33: Breastfeeding in Emergencies

Published May 9, 2019

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest refugee camp. One million refugees live there – 80 percent are women and children. The camp is plagued by poor water, cramped and unsanitary conditions, and limited access to health services and food. And women and babies are amongst the most vulnerable.

“Malnutrition is a vicious cycle. If a mother is malnourished, they give birth to a small baby who’s likely to be malnourished in their lifetime. We therefore need to support these mothers, especially these young ones, so that we are able to support the children.”

That’s Tracy Dube, a United Nations World Food Programme nutritionist in the camp. In this episode of Hacking Hunger, we spoke to her about the challenges that pregnant mothers, new moms and young children face in this pop-up city. Listen in above.