Hacking Hunger – Episode 9: Digging Into What Ends Up On Your Plate

Published August 18, 2016

In an increasingly food-obsessed world, journalists and consumers alike are digging into the politics of what ends up on our plates. This global food chain means farmers and families at home and abroad are interconnected in new and complicated ways.

“In the past 5-10 years we’ve seen a real shift into an obsession about food. And it’s a time when people are more engaged with food than they have been. But there’s also a realization of the links between food an other issues – environmentalism, sustainability, identity, racial issues, gender issues.”

In this episode, we speak to Maddie Oatman, co-host of Mother Jones magazine’s new food podcast “Bite,” about what she’s uncovering in her day-to-day reporting, how living abroad shaped her perspective, and this year’s four trendy foods that could balance sustainability and appetite.