Hacking Hunger – Episode 37: The Ebola Epidemic is Back. This is How Food Can Help End it.

Published November 20, 2019

When Ebola spread through Western Africa in 2014, it killed more than 11,000 people. Now it’s back – and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is at its epicenter, and it’s at a critical phase. “You see patients in the most horrible states,” we hear a doctor working in the field saying. “And you can have patients who come in one day and the next day I’m packing them in a body bag. People are dying left and right here.”

Meanwhile, the DRC is facing a deep level food crisis, and an ongoing violent conflict: this is the first time in history that an Ebola epidemic is occurring in an active conflict zone. But in the midst of violence, and in some of the most challenging conditions, Ebola responders are working around the clock to ensure people get the information care and treatment they need.

For our Hacking Hunger podcast, we spoke to one those responders: Jacques David, United Nations World Food Programme communications officer, about how the U.N. World Food Programme is helping fight ebola with food.