Nutrition Crisis Looms as More Than 39 Billion in-School Meals Missed Since Start of Pandemic – UNICEF and WFP

School meals, often the one nutritious daily meal that children get, must be prioritized in school reopening plans.

Conflict & COVID-19

A Former Miss USA, New York Times columnist and WFP’s Assistant Executive Director share their accounts of how global hunger is threatening the health and security of billions of people around the world.

Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Southern Madagascar as Drought and Pandemic Double Number of Hungry People

With malnutrition rates spiraling and children forced to beg to help their families eat, urgent action is needed to prevent a crisis.

Once Indentured Servants, Former Kamlari Women Take Charge of Their Futures

After years of working in a centuries-old system of slavery, these women are building better lives for their families.

Of Food, Life and Death: A Look Back at Mohamed’s Story

WFP cameraman Marco Frattini reflects on his experience documenting the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Op-Ed: We’ve Averted Famine in the Past — We Must Do It Again

In fragile and conflict-hit countries, it’s not the virus itself that will do most harm. It’s the missed vaccinations, the missed education and the missed daily wages that means a family can’t eat.

General Mills $750,000 Grant Renews Support for School Feeding Programs in China and India

This generous new grant will support pilot programs to improve the nutritional quality of meals, including school "nutri-gardens" that will help kids learn about gardening.

This New Online Tool Creates Nourishing, Locally-Sourced School Meals in Minutes

It might seem futuristic, but WFP's "PLUS" software designs a "menu" of school meals that are healthier, up to 20% cheaper, and use as much as 70% locally-sourced ingredients.

Malnutrition Surges Among Young Children in Yemen as Conditions Worsen

We’ve been warning since July that Yemen is on the brink of a catastrophic food security crisis. We're now at risk of losing an entire generation of Yemen’s young children.

Children at War: Six Stories From the Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Hunger is terrible, but especially cruel to children. And it's a daily reality for millions of them – a scale that’s difficult for most of us to imagine.

The Coolest Job You’ve Never Heard of: Keeping 4M Tons of Food From Going Bad

Extreme temperatures. Dropped from a plane. Springing leaks. These are the food safety considerations of the largest hunger-fighting organization in the world.

This One Simple Thing Can Feed Children, Reduce Inequality, Empower Women and Girls, and Break the Cycle of Poverty

What is "home grown" school feeding? It's not only transforming the lives of students, but entire communities.

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