Scale of Acute Hunger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo “Staggering,” FAO, WFP Warn

One in three people in the DRC are suffering from acute hunger. This makes the central African country home to the highest number of people in urgent need of food security assistance in the world.

Breastfeeding in Emergencies: The Struggles of New Mothers in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

In episode 33 of the Hacking Hunger podcast, we highlight the challenges faced by pregnant mothers, new moms and young children in this pop-up city.

Central African Republic: Child Malnutrition Rates Soar as Violence Rages

Without urgent access to the care they need, severely malnourished children are at imminent risk of death. We must be able to safely reach all children, women and girls in need as soon as possible, particularly in the areas most affected by recent violence.

WFP Chief Appeals for Peace as Yemen Teeters on Edge of Famine

Over half of the people in Yemen are facing acute food shortages with millions knocking on the door of famine. We have the vaccine to save their lives - it's food, and all we need is the funding.

World Food Program USA Announces Spring 2021 Grantee of the Catherine Bertini Trust Fund

Girls Gotta Run in Ethiopia has an innovative model of using sports to build girls’ confidence and guide them in setting and obtaining goals - critical skills for girls to succeed in school and beyond.

Alaa Fed Her Baby Sugar Water, and 6 More Stories of Raising Infants Without Food

How can moms breastfeed if they can’t feed themselves? What role do fathers play in infant nutrition? How do refugee parents find food in a war zone? These are their stories.

How Happy and Her Baby Got Healthy: a Little Food, a Garden and a $22 Loan

The closest job Happy's husband could find was 600 miles away, leaving her to care for their two children while pregnant with their third. A local clinic and a micro loan changed their lives.

The Great Setback: How Coronavirus Sent Schoolchildren Home Hungry

The world had an expanding safety net, with school feeding a growing priority for governments. Then COVID-19 arrived and smashed it all.

Once Indentured Servants, Former Kamlari Women Take Charge of Their Futures

After years of working in a centuries-old system of slavery, these women are building better lives for their families.

This New Online Tool Creates Nourishing, Locally-Sourced School Meals in Minutes

It might seem futuristic, but WFP's "PLUS" software designs a "menu" of school meals that are healthier, up to 20% cheaper, and use as much as 70% locally-sourced ingredients.

Pandemic Derails Historic Advances in Children’s Access to School Meals

We need to get school feeding programs running again - even better than before - to stop COVID destroying the futures of millions of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Twelve Million Syrians Now in the Grip of Hunger, Worn Down by Conflict and Soaring Food Prices

An economic crisis, job losses as a result of COVID19 and soaring food prices have added to the plight of Syrians who have been displaced and worn down by a decade of conflict.

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