Cheers to Friendship! Meet Seven Sets of Companions Making the Best out of Life

We all need the warmth of friendship to survive and thrive: Luckily we have plenty. Here are some of our favorites from across the globe.

Breastfeeding in Emergencies: The Struggles of New Mothers in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

In episode 33 of the Hacking Hunger podcast, we highlight the challenges faced by pregnant mothers, new moms and young children in this pop-up city.

Famine Alert: Hunger, Malnutrition and How WFP is Tackling This Other Deadly Pandemic

Today, 34 million people around the world are on the brink of famine — and the slightest shock could tip them over the edge.

The Coolest Job You’ve Never Heard of: Keeping 4M Tons of Food From Going Bad

Extreme temperatures. Dropped from a plane. Springing leaks. These are the food safety considerations of the largest hunger-fighting organization in the world.

Teachers Play a Vital Role in Keeping Kids Fed and Healthy Around the World. Meet Six of These Heroes.

Teachers offer guidance, friendship, socialization - and in the most difficult places, even structure, comfort and food. Teachers go above and beyond - especially in countries where WFP works.

Southern Madagascar on Brink of Famine, Warns WFP

We have witnessed heartbreaking scenes of severely malnourished children and starving families. We need the money and resources now to help the people of Madagascar.

Scenes From a Looming Famine in Somalia

Somalia is once again on the brink of famine: A severe drought, rising food prices and violence has pushed the country to the edge.

United States Funding Helps WFP Reach Millions of People in South Sudan

This funding from our biggest donor, USAID, comes at a very critical time when funding is scarce and needs are enormous. Rising food insecurity in South Sudan has pushed 60 percent of the population into hunger and poverty.

Scale of Acute Hunger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo “Staggering,” FAO, WFP Warn

One in three people in the DRC are suffering from acute hunger. This makes the central African country home to the highest number of people in urgent need of food security assistance in the world.

Central African Republic: Child Malnutrition Rates Soar as Violence Rages

Without urgent access to the care they need, severely malnourished children are at imminent risk of death. We must be able to safely reach all children, women and girls in need as soon as possible, particularly in the areas most affected by recent violence.

WFP Chief Appeals for Peace as Yemen Teeters on Edge of Famine

Over half of the people in Yemen are facing acute food shortages with millions knocking on the door of famine. We have the vaccine to save their lives - it's food, and all we need is the funding.

World Food Program USA Announces Spring 2021 Grantee of the Catherine Bertini Trust Fund

Girls Gotta Run in Ethiopia has an innovative model of using sports to build girls’ confidence and guide them in setting and obtaining goals - critical skills for girls to succeed in school and beyond.

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