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Photo: WFP/Reem Nada

Last year was full of challenges and successes for WFP. Here are the stories that most captured readers’ attention.


#5 – Food Waste vs Food Security: A Conversation with Karl Deily from Sealed Air

Thousands of readers were fascinated by the connection between food waste and the inventor of Bubble Wrap®. In this Q&A, the President of Sealed Air Food Care weighed in on the root causes of food loss and how for-profit companies can develop innovative approaches to help eradicate hunger…read more

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#4 – Yemen: Final Call

Conflict in Yemen reached new heights toward the end of 2018. Fighting around the vital port city of Hodeidah — through which 70 percent of the country’s imports arrive – put millions of people in further danger of dying from hunger. WFP joined others in calling on Yemen’s Central Bank and international financial institutions to help stabilize prices. Currently, three out of four Yemenis cannot afford basic necessities…read more

Tip: If you’re looking for a quick primer on how this situation came to be, check out our post Hunger in Yemen: Explained in 5 Steps.

#3 – Rohingya Crisis: A Firsthand Look into the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh has become the largest refugee camp in the world. With a population of 1 million Rohingya and counting, tens of thousands of makeshift tents are packed together on hillsides. From the air, it’s a scrolled, patchwork blanket. On the ground, it’s a chaotic and crowded labyrinth. See photos and listen to a first-hand account here…read more

Did you know? WFP uses drones in all kinds of situations to help deliver assistance.

#2 – We Can’t End Hunger if We Can’t End Conflict

Today, people living in conflict-stricken areas make up 60 percent of the world’s 821 million chronically hungry. They are more than twice as likely to be undernourished than those living in countries at peace. In a historic vote on May 24, 2018, the UN Security Council recognized for the first time that armed conflict and violence are closely linked to food insecurity and the risk of famine. If you’d like to know more about this huge step forward in the effort to break the cycle of conflict and hunger, check out the details…read more

Every day, WFP workers push through dangerous situations to deliver the food people need. That means getting creative…like with barges and boats.

#1 – Of Food, Life and Death

2018’s most popular post has garnered more than 6,000 views. It’s a difficult story, but an important one. In it, WFP cameraman Marco Frattini grapples with the difficulty of photographing people who are fighting for their lives and who sometimes lose. “I was in Hajjah when I learned that Mohamed, a little boy I had photographed a few days before at Al Sabeen hospital in Sana’a, had died,” he recounts. Hear the full story in his own words on our Hacking Hunger podcast…listen now

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