Flooding and landslides have caused widespread destruction across Pakistan. The country is reeling from the devastating climate disaster.

Families at Risk

Millions of families in Pakistan have confronted climate extremes this year, from unrelenting heatwaves to monster monsoon rains and floods that have devastated the country and triggered a cascade of crises. The number of people facing severe hunger has more than doubled.


Over 1,000 people have been injured


33 million people were displaced


Over 4 million acres of crops were impacted

In natural disasters like these, the U.N. World Food Programme delivers lifesaving emergency food within 72 hours to people who have lost everything. You can help families in places like Pakistan receive the food they need to survive.

See How WFP Is Responding

WFP has been present in Pakistan since 1968. At the recent request of Pakistan’s government, WFP is rapidly expanding its food assistance activity to cover the needs of people affected by the floods.

Food Aid

By mid-November, WFP reached over 2 million flood-affected people with urgently-needed food and cash assistance.

Photo: WFP/Balach Jamali/2022

In the case of such a disaster, WFP prepositioned food stocks and prepared distribution points for the timely delivery of food.

Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud/2010
Disaster Prep

WFP works with communities to strengthen their preparedness for and recovery from disasters like floods and earthquakes.

Photo: wfp/Saiyna Bashir

WFP has assisted nearly 1 million children and pregnant and breastfeeding women with specialized nutritious food.

Photo: WFP/Arete/Saiyna Bashir/2021
Photo: WFP/Balach Jamali/2022

You Can Help Save Lives

When you donate, you help us deliver critical food relief to the most vulnerable people in Pakistan and other countries around the world. You can make difference in someone’s life – send food today.