SRi Lanka

Economy in Crisis

Sri Lanka is suffering an economic crises that’s causing food shortages and rising prices, pushing families into poverty and hunger


of Sri Lanka’s land is in dry and intermediate zones which face frequent water shortages


of children under 5 suffer from wasting


people are food insecure

instability & poverty

Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis. Food shortages and a spike in the cost of living is limiting people’s access to healthy and affordable meals. More than 6 million people – nearly 30 percent of the population – are currently food-insecure and require humanitarian assistance. The economic crisis will push many families into hunger and poverty for the first time.

In addition, weather extremes such as droughts, floods and landslides are heightening food and nutrition insecurity.

WFP’s Work in Sri Lanka

Despite the challenges, here’s how we’re fighting hunger and building sustainability.


WFP works to reduce undernutrition among women and children. We focus on the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition through targeted supplementary feeding for children aged 6 months to 59 months and pregnant and nursing women.

Photo: WFP/Samantha Reinders/2022
School Meals

This sturdy safety net for 160,000 children provides nutritious mid-morning meals in the northern province, contributing to increased attendance, retention rates and improved learning performance.

Photo: WFP/Balach Jamali/2022
Climate Change Adaptation

WFP supports resilience building programs against climate shocks through enhancing food security among vulnerable subsistence farmers, women’s groups and lagoon fishermen through improved and diversified livelihoods in the least resilient communities.

Photo: Anadolu Agency via AFP/2022
Photo: WFP/Samantha Reinders/2022

You Can Help Save Lives

When you donate, you help us deliver critical food relief to the most vulnerable people in Sri Lanka and other countries around the world. You can make difference in someone’s life – send food today.