A Syrian refugee who needs food aid
WFP/Edward Johnson

Report: Hunger On The Rise—Again

For a third straight year, the number of hungry people worldwide has risen.

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TEDx Talks: Are We Ready To End World Hunger?

This spring at TEDxOakLawn, I shared a brief history of the fight against global hunger—and how we're closer to winning it than ever before.

Chase Sova

Winning the Peace Means More Than Winning a Battle

Yemen. Syria. South Sudan. Libya. Afghanistan.

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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

The Greatest Generation’s Easter Mission To Feed the Hungry

Americans will spend an estiamted $150 per person on candy, flowers and gifts this Easter. But before making plans for your celebration, consider what the Greatest Generation was doing at this…

William Lambers

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

On The Hill: Why Food Security Matters

Speaking before the U.S. Senate, the head of WFP highlighted the link between global food security and national security.

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FAO/S. Bunnag

How Did Korea Go From Receiving WFP’s Help to Becoming One of Its Top 20 Donors?

Six key areas lie at heart of country’s dramatic transformation to Zero Hunger

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The Dole Institute

Celebrating a True American Hero

Today, Senator Bob Dole joins other American leaders like Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, and poet Robert Frost as a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal—the highest award bestowed by the…

Richard Leach


Tackling hunger at home and abroad because our food policy is our foreign policy

For the first time in a decade, the number of hungry people on the planet is on the rise. The United Nations estimates the number of food-insecure people at 815 million in…

Guest contributor

WFP USA/Paul Morigi

U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Jerry Moran Receive McGovern-Dole Award From WFP USA

The annual award ceremony honors bipartisan U.S. leadership in the fight to end global hunger.

M.J. Altman

WFP/Kabir Dhanji

Hacking Hunger Episode #21: A Lifesaving Legacy Under Threat

Guest Bio: Tom Daschle Tom Daschle is CEO of the Daschle Group and the former distinguished Senator from the state of South Dakota. He is one of the longest-serving Senate…

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