One Year Later: The First Anniversary of the Beirut Port Explosion

As Lebanon walks the road to recovery from the Beirut blast, COVID-19, and ongoing financial crises, the U.N. World Food Programme has been and will continue to be there every step of the way to provide aid.  

One Year After the Beirut Blasts, WFP Assists More People in Lebanon Than Ever Before

One year after the deadly blasts that rocked Beirut, WFP is now supporting one in six people in the country, more than at any time in its history.

WFP Triples its Support to Lebanese Families as Country Faces Unprecedented Crisis

WFP has started scaling up to assist families struggling to make ends meet amidst a severe economic downturn, skyrocketing inflation and a collapsing Lebanese pound.

It’s Tea Time at Mohamad’s House, and the Whole World’s Invited

Meet Mohamad, a tiny tea enthusiast. In 2016, he showed us how important tea is to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.

Mother Earth Day: ‘Earthworms Are Our Ecosystem’s Unsung Superheroes’

WFP's forest management interventions are preserving Lebanon’s greenery. At a WFP site in Lebanon, we take a look at Kassem Jouni's work with earthworms and how these unsung heroes have a lot to offer.

Nine out of Ten Syrian Refugee Families in Lebanon Are Now Living in Extreme Poverty, UN Study Says

The economic downturn, steep inflation, COVID-19 and the Beirut blast have pushed Syrian refugees in Lebanon to the brink.

WFP, Lebanese Ministries of Education Provide Food Assistance for Families of Students Attending Public Schools

Our partnership is protecting children and helping families cope with the impact of multiple crises by sending food straight to their homes. 

Coding Out of Conflict: How Technology Can Help Refugees Rebuild Their Lives After War

Technology is changing the future of work, and there’s no reason refugees should be left behind in the process. Enter EMPACT.

WFP USA Launches US Against Hunger Series With Focus on Intersection of Hunger, Conflict & COVID-19

Humanitarian advocate Rima Fakih and NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof joined WFP's Valerie Guarnieri and moderator Femi Oke for a lively exchange on how this triple threat has upended the health and security of billions of people around the world.   

The Way You Give Inspires Our Work: Seven Stories From Donors Who Help Us Save Lives

We’re celebrating World Kindness Day and National Philanthropy Day with stories of donors who’ve given from their hearts to fund WFP's work around the world.

WFP Provides Cash Assistance to 50,000 People Affected by the Devastating Beirut Blast

We've been on the ground since the blast assisting those most in need with food parcels, hot meals and now, cash.

WFP to Assist 50,000 Crisis-Hit Lebanese Families via National Safety Net Program

After the devastating blast hit Beirut, Lebanese families are even more desperate for a safety net. We're stepping in to help them get through each month with e-cards. 

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