What Peace Would Mean for People Caught in the Vicious Cycle of Conflict and Hunger

WFP staff in Yemen, the Central Sahel and Sudan share their thoughts on what peace would mean for families caught in the crossfires of hunger and conflict.

Children at War: Six Stories From the Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Hunger is terrible, but especially cruel to children. And it's a daily reality for millions of them – a scale that’s difficult for most of us to imagine.

Families Resort to Cooking Tree Leaves to Survive as Famine Looms Over Yemen

While Yemen’s crisis is complex, the effect of years of war on families like Abdullatif’s is clear. “I don’t care about my future now. What I care about now is how I can feed my kids,” said Abdullatif.

Handmade Toys by the World’s Most Resilient Children

It's remarkable what young ones can do with so little - especially when they're living on the frontlines of war and hunger.

Nearly 60% of the World’s Hungriest People Live in Just a Few Countries. Why?

Conflict is a vicious force, and one that's pushed innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger imaginable. Nearly all of them live in the same places.

3 Million People in Yemen Could Face Ration Cuts in October Unless New Funding Arrives, WFP Chief Says

WFP Executive Director Beasley has urged the world to step up support for the people of Yemen, saying WFP food assistance in the country could soon start to run out.

With Loving, Tender Care: A Tribute to Grandparents on the Frontlines of the Fight Against Childhood Hunger

In honor of Grandparents’ Day, here are six stories of grandparents bringing joy, comfort and strength to their families.  

Statement by WFP Executive Director on Qatari Funding for Humanitarian Operations in Yemen

Qatar’s support, part of which will go to WFP, is critical for staving off famine in Yemen and will save millions of lives.

On the Brink Again: In Yemen, Safiah’s Family is One of Millions Trying to Keep Hunger at Bay

Six years of conflict have taken a devastating toll on millions of Yemeni families, and now famine is a stark reality without urgently needed funding.

WFP Ramps up Support to Yemen’s Famine Risk Areas

Escalating conflict, economic decline, rising global commodity prices and COVID-19 have all contributed to an alarming increase in acute hunger in Yemen over the last year.

What the “Hunger Season” Means for Farmers Fighting Famine

The hunger season can last for months, and it’s a particularly challenging time for subsistence farmers and their families, who solely rely on what they grow.

Celebrating Ramadan in Yemen: “the Graveyard for the Living”

Seven incredible women share their experiences of extreme hardship during Ramadan in war-torn Yemen.


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