Mustering Hope to Reduce Global Hunger in 2021

WFP never abandons hope. We're applying it in spades to roll back one of the most severe hunger catastrophes in our six decades of existence.

WFP Chief Warns UN Security Council of Imminent Famine in Yemen

"We anticipate 80% of the population to immediately start moving into the most extreme forms of hunger. We’re going to have a catastrophe on our hands," said Executive Director David Beasley.

Handmade Toys by the World’s Most Resilient Children

It's remarkable what young ones can do with so little - especially when they're living on the front lines of war and hunger.

Stepping Up to the Growing Hunger Emergency in Yemen

Most of us would have to strain to imagine what life would be like if 80 percent of all the people around us were in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. For the people of Yemen, that is the relentless reality.

A Nobel Peace Prize for United Nations World Food Programme’s Accomplishments and Growing Challenges Ahead

Much as we are humbled by and proud of the Nobel Committee’s ultimate acknowledgment of all we've done, we are just as grateful to it for highlighting the growing need in the immediate future.

Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and Content – December 10th

The Nobel recognition of the United Nations World Food Programme comes as famine again threatens millions of people, especially in four conflict-affected countries.

Window to Prevent Famine in Yemen Is Narrowing, UN Agencies Warn

Levels of hunger across the country are reaching record high levels. But we have prevented famine in Yemen before, and we can do it again.

WFP USA Launches US Against Hunger Series With Focus on Intersection of Hunger, Conflict & COVID-19

Humanitarian advocate Rima Fakih and NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof joined WFP's Valerie Guarnieri and moderator Femi Oke for a lively exchange on how this triple threat has upended the health and security of billions of people around the world.   

Of Food, Life and Death: A Look Back at Mohamed’s Story

WFP cameraman Marco Frattini reflects on his experience documenting the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Op-Ed: We’ve Averted Famine in the Past — We Must Do It Again

In fragile and conflict-hit countries, it’s not the virus itself that will do most harm. It’s the missed vaccinations, the missed education and the missed daily wages that means a family can’t eat.

WFP Chief Warns of Looming Famine as Yemen Faces Countdown to Catastrophe

In an address this morning to the UN Security Council, WFP's CEO David Beasley made an urgent appeal: "Don’t turn your backs on the people of Yemen."

UN Food Agencies Warn of Rising Levels of Acute Hunger With Potential Risk of Famine in Four Hotspots

Burkina Faso, northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen are facing famine from a toxic combination of conflict, economic decline, climate extremes and coronavirus.

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