Hacking Hunger – Episode 17: A Love Story That Is Feeding the World

Published February 10, 2017

Lovebirds Poonam Kaushal and Nishkaam Mehta are getting hitched this Valentine’s Day. And instead of throwing a big wedding, these heroes teamed up with friends, family and perfect strangers to create an unconventional wedding gift using the world’s first hunger-fighting smartphone app.

The pair didn’t want a traditional, big, Indian wedding. Instead they a celebration that would reflect the kind of marriage they hoped to have. One that was rooted in community – and about more than just the two of them. They started brainstorming, and out of that came the desire to do something… good, with the help of the United Nations World Food Programme.

As they prepare to tie the knot in four days, M.J. talks to Poonam and Nishkaam about their “Million Meals for Love” campaign and explains how you can be part of their big day by changing the life of a hungry child.