Madina, Her Daughter & Grandchildren in Somalia

Madina, 84, sits with her daughter Fatuma, 52, and grandchildren in the shade in Hobyo, Somalia. Madina has poor eyesight made worse by the reflection from the sand. The family came here from Hadhere, 75 miles south of Hobyo.

Internally Displaced in Somalia

People in Somalia have been displaced by issues of insecurity, food insecurity and lack of access to resources. WFP works with partners and authorities in Somalia to provide food assistance to vulnerable households.

Fatuma & Her Children Find Shade in Somalia

Fatuma sits in the shade with her children in Beletweyne, Somalia. WFP is doing a pre-drought assessment to better understand the situation on the ground, and works with partners and authorities in Somalia to provide food assistance to vulnerable households.

WFP Expands Food Assistance in Egypt to Include Refugees From Multiple Countries

Recent results from WFP’s food security analysis show that WFP food assistance has lifted more than one third of targeted refugees above the national income poverty line and has significantly contributed to their food security status.

Zero Hunger Generation: Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest refugee camp. Nearly one million refugees live there and the World Food Programme is providing lifesaving assistance to 95 percent of them.

Hamida and her child Sumaira in Kutapalong Camp, Bangladesh

"I am very happy now, there is enough space, my children can move freely, they can play around."

Hacking Hunger – Episode 33: Breastfeeding in Emergencies

With one million people, Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is the world’s largest refugee camp, and 80 percent are women and children. Tracy Dube, a WFP nutritionist in the camp, talks about the challenges that pregnant mothers, new moms and young children face in this pop-up city.

Erratic Weather Patterns in the Central American Dry Corridor Leave 1.4 Million People in Urgent Need of Food Assistance

Prolonged droughts followed by heavy rain have destroyed more than half of the corn and bean crops that subsistence farmers rely on to survive.

Bram Mussa Rescued Over 100 People With a Single Canoe

“The water level rose up to our elbows. My husband and I were carrying our children in our arms...We were trapped."

An Engineer’s Life Inside Cox’s Bazar, the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

There are more than 900,000 people living as refugees in Cox’s Bazar and WFP is providing life-saving assistance to more than 95% of them.

World Food Programme Executive Director Urges More Funding for Cyclone-Hit Mozambique

Almost 60 WFP staff have been deployed to Mozambique and 45 more are on the way. WFP requires $140 million to continue life-saving operations for the next three months.


Millions of people in Mozambique and surrounding regions have been affected by two Category 4 cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, in just six weeks.