1.3 Billion Chicken Wings: How Many People Could We Feed With All That Super Bowl Food?

The average fan spends $75 on game day. We can send an emergency box of food that'll feed a family of 5 for a month for the same amount.

Women Do 2.6 Times More Domestic Work Than Men. Here’s a Look Inside 10 of Their Kitchens.

Imagine cooking a meal without running water, electricity or even a countertop. Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin. And yet, millions of women around the world do it every day. See 10 of their kitchens.

WFP Appeals for Urgent Funding to Support Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan

More than 30,000 Ethiopians have crossed across into Sudan, fleeing conflict in their home region. We urgently need additional funding to save their lives.

New WFP Report Shows Access to Food Grossly Unequal as Coronavirus Adds to Challenges

A new report exposes the destructive impact of conflict, climate change and economic crises, now compounded by COVID-19, in driving up hunger.

UNHCR, WFP Expand Partnership in Libya to Reach More Refugees and Asylum Seekers as Food Needs Rise

With food prices skyrocketing in Libya during the pandemic, we're scaling up to get locally produced, ready-to-eat food to the people who need it most.

WFP Chief Warns of Grave Dangers of Economic Impact of Coronavirus as Millions Are Pushed Further Into Hunger

The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear, and the world needs to open its eyes to the plight of desperate people before famine takes hold. And that famine is knocking on the door right before our eyes.

With Conflict and Covid-19 Deepening Hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo, More Help Is Needed to Save Millions of Lives

We need another $172 million over the next six months to keep millions of kids and families from starving in the face of violent conflict and displacement.

Fall Out of COVID-19 Severely Affects Food Security of Migrants in South America

Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to register an alarming 269% rise in the number of people facing severe food insecurity compared to 2019.

Pope Francis Urges Help for “Small Children Who Are Hungry” in Syria and Lebanon

“There are small children who are hungry, who do not have anything to eat,” said the Pope, praying that leaders in the region would “be capable of making peace.”

United States Contributes $10 Million to Support Hungry Zimbabweans in Urban Areas

The contribution will provide almost 100,000 people with $13 a month, enabling them to meet almost two-thirds of their daily food requirements.

UNHCR, WFP Join Forces to Reach Thousands of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Libya With Emergency Food Aid

Many refugees say they are only able to afford one meal a day. This joint project aims to reach 10,000 of the most vulnerable.

The Economic Impact of Coronavirus Could Worsen Food Security for the World’s Hungry People

“In some contexts, the economic consequences of this disease could end up hurting more people than the disease itself,” says WFP’s Chief Economist.

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