Esperance and Oscar Are Refugees in Rwanda

Esperance and her husband Oscar have been living in the Rwanda Mahama refugee camp for over a year. With the surge of violent hostilities in their hometown in Burundi, Oscar and Esperance fled.

School Meals Help Attendance in Sudan

Students attending Marta School in Sudan. World Food Programme school meals help displaced children get an education and look forward to a better future. WFP school meals are a major incentive for families to send their children to school and keep them there.

Ghanem Tests for Malnutrition

Ghanem and his mother wait for a screening, where WFP provides Plumpy Sup' and SuperCereal to treat moderate acute malnutrition. The continued conflict in Yemen is pushing millions of people in Yemen to the brink of famine.

Yemeni Girl

School Meals in Yemen

A young girl finishes her day at school. The World Food Programme sponsors school meals in Yemen.

Conflict is pushing millions of people in Yemen to the brink of famine

The current level of hunger in Yemen is unprecedented and causing severe hardship for millions of people. Now, almost 18 million people in the country are food insecure, meaning they do not have enough food. Of these, more than 8 million are severely food insecure and rely entirely on external assistance. The rate of child malnutrition is one of the highest in the world.

Wafaa lives in war-torn Yemen

Wafaa's family struggles to provide the bare necessities for their brood of five children The majority of Yemenis do not have access to clean water. In a country where the humanitarian situation is extremely fragile due to lack of food and clean water, people are often not strong enough to fight diseases such as cholera.

“I called my daughter Domoaa”

“I called my daughter Domoaa. It means “tears” in Arabic. Because I cry every day for the pain and suffering we go through just to get food." Hossn is a 24 years old mother of three. They live in Sana’a, Yemen. “My ultimate goal in life has became just to be able to feed my children. Finding flour, wood and leaves to set the fire...”

3 month-old Jabar in a malnutrition ward, Yemen

3 month-old Jabar in a malnutrition ward, Yemen. In 2019, WFP aims to provide 12 million people with food and nutrition assistance with 100% rations across Yemen.

Kitchens in Crisis: How Mothers Prepare Meals in Times of Extreme Conflict

Imagine cooking a meal without running water, electricity or even a countertop. Most of us wouldn’t know where to begin. And yet, millions of women around the world do it every day. See 10 of their kitchens.

Drivers of Hunger

Conflict, extreme weather, natural disasters and extreme poverty. Ending hunger is a big challenge, but together it's solvable.

The 17 SDGs and What They Mean for Global Hunger

In order to adequately nourish today’s 795 million hungry people as well as the additional 2 billion people expected by 2050, we will need to profoundly change our global food system so everyone has a seat at the table.