It’s in the Bag! This Simple Storage System Is Slashing Food Loss.

Farmers in Sudan lose up to 40% of their crops every year. Hermetic bags cost just $2 and reduce loss to less than 2%.

School Meals Help Attendance in Sudan

Students attending Marta School in Sudan. World Food Programme school meals help displaced children get an education and look forward to a better future. WFP school meals are a major incentive for families to send their children to school and keep them there.

Helicopter in Sudan

Truck Convoy in Sudan

‘I discovered a new world’ when I became a Storyteller

3 women, 3 very different stories, 1 training program—giving vulnerable young people a voice.

The First Climate Change Conflict

In South Sudan, the combined effects of civil war and drought have left nearly 5 million people food-insecure.


Meet One of Malawi’s Top Nutritionists

Mutinta Hambayi works for WFP in Malawi. Here she talks about her work as a nutritionist, some of the biggest misconceptions about her job and what she finds most rewarding about her job.  My role includes… heading a Nutrition Unit with a diverse Nutrition and HIV portfolio in a large operation in Malawi, reaching 2.8 million people this […]