WFP Executive Director Visits Sudan to Meet New Government and Sends off First Barges to South Sudan

First the first time in nearly eight years, three WFP-contracted barges sailed to South Sudan with enough food to feed 370,000 people for one month.

It’s in the Bag! This Simple Storage System Is Slashing Food Loss.

Farmers in Sudan lose up to 40% of their crops every year. Hermetic bags cost just $2 and reduce loss to less than 2%.

School Meals Help Attendance in Sudan

Students attending Marta School in Sudan. World Food Programme school meals help displaced children get an education and look forward to a better future. WFP school meals are a major incentive for families to send their children to school and keep them there.

Helicopter in Sudan

Truck Convoy in Sudan

‘I discovered a new world’ when I became a Storyteller

3 women, 3 very different stories, 1 training program—giving vulnerable young people a voice.

The First Climate Change Conflict

In South Sudan, the combined effects of civil war and drought have left nearly 5 million people food-insecure.


Meet One of Malawi’s Top Nutritionists

Mutinta Hambayi works for WFP in Malawi. Here she talks about her work as a nutritionist, some of the biggest misconceptions about her job and what she finds most rewarding about her job.  My role includes… heading a Nutrition Unit with a diverse Nutrition and HIV portfolio in a large operation in Malawi, reaching 2.8 million people this […]

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Emergency in Lebanon

Explosion at Port of Beirut pushes families into hunger crisis: With no food and nowhere to turn they face dire consequences.

Rush lifesaving aid today.

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Photo: Patrick Baz/AFP
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