After One Year of COVID-19, What Lessons Have We Learned About Hunger?

Make no mistake: COVID-19 has made the hungry hungrier and the poor poorer. But how? What does the next year hold? Chase Sova, WFP USA senior director of public policy and thought leadership, takes a look back at the impact of COVID-19 on global food security and tells you what you need to know.

Acute Hunger Set to Soar in Over 20 Countries, Warn FAO and WFP: Call for Urgent Action to Avert Famine

We are seeing a catastrophe unfold before our very eyes. Famine – driven by conflict, and fueled by climate shocks and the COVID-19 hunger pandemic – is knocking on the door for millions of families.

WFP Begins Building a Global Coalition to Support School Feeding Worldwide

In the last year, COVID-19 has left 370 million children without school meals. WFP has begun building a school feeding coalition to find sustainable and innovative funding sources for school feeding programs, strengthen evidence and guidance to improve said programs and bring together multiple sectors to achieve better outcomes for school children globally.

Empowering Women and Girls is Crucial to Ensure Sustainable Food Security in the Aftermath of COVID-19, say UN Food Agency Heads on International Women’s Day

Women and girls make up half of our global community - It’s time they were included in leadership positions at every level and integrated in all spheres and stages of pandemic response and recovery.

The Great Setback: How Coronavirus Sent Schoolchildren Home Hungry

The world had an expanding safety net, with school feeding a growing priority for governments. Then COVID-19 arrived and smashed it all.

Pandemic Derails Historic Advances in Children’s Access to School Meals

We need to get school feeding programs running again - even better than before - to stop COVID destroying the futures of millions of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Battered by Climate Shocks and Bruised by Economic Crisis Millions More in Central America Face Hunger

Communities in Central America have hit rock bottom: Many now have nowhere to live and are staying in temporary shelters, surviving on next to nothing.

Vital Air Links in Crisis Countries at Risk as Humanitarian Air Service Faces Severe Funding Gap

The critical lifeline transports humanitarian workers and lifesaving cargo to some of the most challenging and hard-to-reach locations

Twelve Million Syrians Now in the Grip of Hunger, Worn Down by Conflict and Soaring Food Prices

An economic crisis, job losses as a result of COVID19 and soaring food prices have added to the plight of Syrians who have been displaced and worn down by a decade of conflict.

Acute Malnutrition Threatens Half of Children Under Five in Yemen in 2021: UN

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen continues to exert a terrible toll on children, warns UN agencies FAO, UNICEF, WFP and WHO.

World Food Program USA Grants $100,000 to No Kid Hungry to Feed Children Impacted by the Pandemic

With the pandemic doubling hunger rates, we're proud to support No Kid Hungry’s mission to ensure children get the daily meals and nutrition they need.

During the Pandemic, WFP Is Standing up to the Scourge of Childhood Hunger: By Focusing on Moms

The key to ending malnutrition isn't a mystery, nor does it require any high-tech innovation. It starts with the first 1,000 days of a child's life. And it starts with the mother.

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