The Number of Hungry Children on the Planet Keeps Rising: Here’s a Deep Dive Into What That Means

Here's a look at our latest report on childhood malnutrition, and its crushing impact on babies and children.

During the Pandemic, WFP Is Standing up to the Scourge of Childhood Hunger: By Focusing on Moms

The key to ending malnutrition isn't a mystery, nor does it require any high-tech innovation. It starts with the first 1,000 days of a child's life. And it starts with the mother.

Yemen Teeters on the Brink as Conflict and Economic Crises Grind On

Yemen is one of the most complex operating environments in the world, and millions are suffering. We need increased funding to help the country turn a corner.

UNHCR, WFP Expand Partnership in Libya to Reach More Refugees and Asylum Seekers as Food Needs Rise

With food prices skyrocketing in Libya during the pandemic, we're scaling up to get locally produced, ready-to-eat food to the people who need it most.

WFP Chief Warns of Grave Dangers of Economic Impact of Coronavirus as Millions Are Pushed Further Into Hunger

The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear, and the world needs to open its eyes to the plight of desperate people before famine takes hold. And that famine is knocking on the door right before our eyes.

Schools, Health and Nutrition — Why Coronavirus Demands a Rethink of Education

Carmen Burbano, Director of School Feeding at the World Food Programme, says we must rethink the entire education system or risk a "generational catastrophe."

Building on a Legacy, Siblings Sell Face Masks From Zambia to Support Hunger Relief

For the Barrett siblings, fighting global hunger has always been a family commitment. In 2008, their mother introduced them to WFP, and they've been working hard to end hunger ever since.

WFP Launches New Collaboration to Support Mothers and Children in Time of COVID-19 Crisis in Partnership With the Ministry of Social Solidarity

The U.N. World Food Programme is the sole UN agency in Egypt that provides food security to the most vulnerable populations, making this investment all the more crucial.

With Conflict and Covid-19 Deepening Hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo, More Help Is Needed to Save Millions of Lives

We need another $172 million over the next six months to keep millions of kids and families from starving in the face of violent conflict and displacement.

Take Home Rations From the United States Support Nutrition and Learning for Children in Nepal Amid Covid-19

More than 2 million kids in Nepal have been missing out on the nutritious lunches they used to receive at school during the coronavirus shutdowns - the only meals many of them could count on.

Coronavirus Threatens to Push Millions of Children Into Malnutrition: The Time to Act Is Now

There is no time to wait. The choices we make today will determine millions of children's futures for months, years and decades to come.

USAID Contributes $12 Million to WFP to Help 95,000 Families in Afghanistan Struck by the Impact of Covid-19

WFP plans to reach a total of 10.3 million Afghan people in 2020, giving $79 to each family to cover their food needs for two months at a time.

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urgent Yemen update

COVID-19 threatens to push 1.2M more desperate Yemenis to starvation if we don’t act now.

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