Pope Francis Urges Help for “Small Children Who Are Hungry” in Syria and Lebanon

“There are small children who are hungry, who do not have anything to eat,” said the Pope, praying that leaders in the region would “be capable of making peace.”

World Food Programme to Assist Largest Number of Hungry People Ever, as Coronavirus Devastates Poor Nations

“The frontline in the battle against the coronavirus is shifting from the rich world to the poor world,” said David Beasley, WFP’s Executive Director.

More Syrians Than Ever Before in the Grip of Hunger and Poverty

An estimated 9.3M Syrians are now food insecure – an increase of 1.4M people in the last six months alone – and food prices are 200% higher than last year.

Health and Humanitarian Air Lifeline Under Threat as Funds Run Out

WFP is moving huge volumes of supplies around the world to fight the pandemic. But without substantial funding, this work could come to a halt before the end of July.

A Day in the Life of Your Dollar at WFP

We go to work at sunrise in the world’s worst hunger crises. Your dollar powers an international response that brings lifesaving food to 100,000,000 people every day.

Hacking Hunger: Episode 47 – Poverty, Policy and Pandemic with Johan Swinnen

On today’s episode of Hacking Hunger, we caught up with Johan Swinnen, IFPRI’s director general, to get the inside scoop on his predictions of the pandemic’s impacts, challenges and potential effects,

A Top Economist Explains Why Pandemic Leads to Hunger, and the Food Systems Change That Could Prevent it From Happening Again.

Why do the economic impacts of COVID-19 affect poor countries more? What changes can we make to help the most vulnerable now and in the future? Johan Swinnen, director general of IFPRI, answers our questions.

They Fled War to Find a Brighter Future. Now, This Power Couple is Using Their Success and Influence to Give Back.

From refugees to record-company mogul and Miss USA, Sal and Rima Slaiby tell us their stories and why they're supporting WFP USA.

Tropical Storm Amanda Severely Impacts Food Security of 340,000 Salvadorans

A destructive tropical storm is pushing even more people into hunger in El Salvador. Here's how WFP is helping.

World Food Programme Resumes Direct Deliveries of Emergency Food to South Sudan From Kenya

A newly re-opened route from Kenya is helping WFP get essential food aid to struggling areas of South Sudan for the first time since 2018.

Hacking Hunger: Episode 46 – “Everything Changed Overnight.” WFP USA CEO Barron Segar on Navigating a Global Crisis

Three months after Barron Segar joined WFP USA as president and CEO, disaster struck. COVID-19 hit and uprooted life as we knew. We spoke with him about how he's leading through unprecedented times.

COVID-19: Millions at Risk of Severe Food Insecurity in Latin America and Caribbean

The coronavirus could push 10 million more people into hunger across Latin America and the Caribbean. Here's how WFP plans to respond.

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Emergency in Lebanon

Explosion at Port of Beirut pushes families into hunger crisis: With no food and nowhere to turn they face dire consequences.

Rush lifesaving aid today.

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