Funding Crunch Forces WFP to Scale Back Food Assistance to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

WFP urgently needs funding to continue assistance to vulnerable refugees, to stop families falling into further food insecurity and deeper poverty.

How Blockchain Technology Is Helping Refugees Grocery Shop in Conflict Zones

Bassam and his children fled conflict in Syria, landing at a refugee camp in Jordan. He tries hard to shop for ingredients from home to share with his kids. That loving errand has been made much easier with blockchain technology.

10 Facts About the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan

Since the start of the conflict in Syria, Jordan has shouldered the impact of a massive refugee influx across its borders and now hosts 1.3 million Syrian refugees.

How a Single Mother of Four Supports Her Family in a Refugee Camp

How a single mother in a Jordanian refugee camp chose not to just survive, but to thrive.

When food and music change lives

Mustafa Alsagheer sold his most prized possession to save his daughter’s life. But as health care bills mounted, his family’s livelihood was left hanging in the balance.

Children Sleeping in Open Air

Escalating violence in southern Syria continues to displace families from their homes.

Hacking Hunger – Episode 29: A Storytellers Farewell

In her final episode as host of “Hacking Hunger,” M.J. Altman turns the mic over to three women in Guatemala, Chad and Jordan.

When Refugee Children Go To School, WFP is There

For Syrian refugees, many rest easy knowing what their children will enjoy when they walk through the doors of their classrooms far away from home: a nutritious school meal.


Marouf’s Home Is Not In Jordan

Almost four years after fleeing Syria, he and his family struggle to reconcile the life they didn’t ask for with the one they left behind.

WFP & UNICEF Respond to Harsh Winter Storm in Middle East

We've launched an operation to provide blankets, coats, scarves and gloves for thousands of Syrian children living in refugee camps in Jordan.

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