Stop Food Waste. Start Making Profit.

In Malawi, farmers have learned how to properly store their grains and sell them for a profit. The money now pays for things like school fees, soap and livestock.

The power of hermetic storage bags in Malawi to minimize food loss

Ready for Storage! With hermetic bags, smallholder farmers retain more than 98 % of their harvest! In Malawi, WFP has trained 61,000 members of farmer organizations, 49 percent of whom were women, in post-harvest handling so they can #StopThe Waste and make more money.

Women are Hungrier – Roseby Samson

Roseby Samson is a grandmother looking after seven orphaned children in Malawi and relies on a small garden for corn and potatoes. More than half of all small-scale farmers in the world are women, yet they are often not allowed to own the land they work on or make financial decisions. If they had equal access to tools and resources, they could produce enough food to feed 100-150 million people.

Bram Mussa Rescued Over 100 People With a Single Canoe

“The water level rose up to our elbows. My husband and I were carrying our children in our arms...We were trapped."

US Provides $3 Million to WFP in Response to Malawi Floods

The funds, provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Food for Peace, will support immediate food needs in the worst-affected areas of the country.

World Food Programme Executive Director Urges More Funding for Cyclone-Hit Mozambique

Almost 60 WFP staff have been deployed to Mozambique and 45 more are on the way. WFP requires $140 million to continue life-saving operations for the next three months.


Millions of people in Mozambique and surrounding regions have been affected by two Category 4 cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, in just six weeks.

World Food Programme Classifies Mozambique as Highest-Level Emergency

WFP on Friday declared the Mozambique flood crisis a Level 3 emergency, putting it among a handful of top response priorities for the organization.

Mozambique Cyclone and Flooding Emergency: WFP Ramps up Response

WFP stepped up food distributions in and around Beira on Wednesday, with more airdrops to people stranded by floodwaters.

Massive Cyclone Hits Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi

The cyclone that hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi has destroyed homes, schools, businesses and essential infrastructure. Survivors have lost everything and need our help.

School Meals in Malawi

Maize Harvest in Malawi

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More than 160,000 people in northern Syria have been forced to flee their homes.

Families need urgent help right now.

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